5 ideas for sneaky learning and backyard fun

5 super sneaky ideas for fun backyard learning

Hip, hip hooray! Summer is here!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous for us—not too hot and not too cool. It’s the spring we always seem to miss here in the DC suburbs.

I know it’s short-lived, though, so I’ve been using our great weather time to the max.  And so should you.

Here are 5 quickie ideas for sneaky learning in your own backyard. Fun ideas for helping kids learn a little while they play.

Nothing too fancy, crazy, or time-consuming.  Just a few cool ideas that will get your kids’ brains moving and creativity flowing.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • 5 Ideas for Sneaky Learning and Backyard Fun:

Water Painting

  • fine motor practice
  • talk about tripod grip
  • talk about letters, numbers, and sounds
  • use the time to talk about names and how to write names
  • watch water evaporate in the sunshine

paint with water

2.  Dissecting, Examining, and Learning about Flowers

  • talk about the parts of a flower
  • let your kids feel the parts of a flower
  • really use what is in your yard

easy backyard fun with flowers: dissecting, examining, and learning about flowers

3.  Backyard Alphabet Hunt

  • kids are movin’ and groovin’
  • talk about letters and letter sounds
  • compare and contrast sounds
  • kids can see and hear and feel letters and sounds

backyard alphabet hunt

4.  Backyard Fragrance Experiment

  • use the plants and flowers you have in your back yard
  • let your kids use all of their senses
  • sneak in some mathy-language with most, least, same
  • kids are hands-on learning, experimenting, and trying

easy backyard fragrance experiment

5.  Backyard Rainbow Hunt

  • talk about colors
  • get your kiddos moving
  • celebrate plants, animals, and all things nature

backyard rainbow hunt

With just a little bit of planning–or totally on the fly–you can sneak in a little learning in your very own backyard in ten minutes or thirty. Whatever you have will work.

The time to learn? Now!

How to you sneak in some backyard or outdoor learning? Do let us know in the comments–I’d love to hear your ideas and experiences!



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