appreciating teachers: water bottle notes & more!

So many of us are busier than busy, but being that this week is Teacher Appreciation Week and being that teachers work their tails off for our kiddos, we really need to do what we can to show them we recognize their hard work.

This year, since I put in my time at the school helping to run the Kindergarten Orientation, start a new mentoring program for new-to-the-school families, and to run the school’s Twitter account (we’re so progressive!), I am just doing exactly what I did last year: Teacher Appreciation Water Bottle Thank You Notes.

And you know what? It’s great. I feel good about it, and these little, sassy thank-you’s will hopefully spruce up the water bottles for tomorrow’s Spa Day for the teachers.  (No, it’s not a full-fledged Spa Day; I think it’s yoga in the morning and maybe massages during the day? I could be wrong. . . )

Either way, the Water Bottle Notes are here for you to use for your children’s teachers if you so choose.



happy, happy water bottles, ready for school delivery


All I did was pick up a case of water, print out the sheet, and attach one note to each water bottle. And I curled the ribbon on the bottle to make it look a little fancier.  That’s it. Any parent–even the busiest–can do this at night when the kids are in bed and the tv’s on.  Or the kids can help (and practice their tying!), and the whole thing goes faster.

Water Bottle Thank You Notes are here as a pdf to download. Each sheet has 15 notes.

A few more ways we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week:

Teacher Story Card



Finger Print Note Cards


And that’s it. Just a little, teeny way of saying thank you to the teachers who do so much for our children.  Don’t get me wrong–teachers surely deserve more than a spruced up bottle o’ h2o.  But right now, this is all I can do; and it’s something.

If you are feeling really inspired and want to get a little crafty-crafty, check out Room Mom 101: Teacher Appreciation Week or  Tip Junky’s 30 Homemade Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week –both posts are incredible!!


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