best of teach mama countdown: #2 — spelling words

fun ways to learn spelling wordsYay! We’re getting down to the wire with this teach mama top 10 all-time best countdown!

This post is one that I have shared probably more than times than any other post I’ve written.  It seems that most of the emails that I receive are from parents who are tired, desperate, and . . . totally hate spelling words.

Or they’re pleading with me to give them some ideas on how their kids can learn those first word families.  Or how their kids can practice learning their names. Or just about anything.

So this post has been a go-to for all of those questions since it’s totally adaptable, and there are a few printables included where all of the information can be printed on handy-dandy, happy sheets of paper that you can stick on your fridge so they’re close at hand.

It’s filled with tons of ways that parents can ‘up’ the fun factor of learning those words so kids won’t even feel like they’re doing work when they’re playing with those words.

Here’s the skinny . . .

I wrote the post after we lost Maddy’s first homework packet of her first-grade year and after she bombed her first spelling test of the year.


fun ways to learn spelling words fun ways to help kids learn spelling words

We were starting off a bit–okay, very–rocky, and it wasn’t looking good.

At that point, Maddy despised spelling and everyone despised homework time.  It took some time and a little adjusting, but eventually spelling review became an eagerly anticipated part of the homework repertoire and homework time itself became–I’m not joking–a not-so-bad part of the afternoon.

It became a whine-free, pout-free, complaint-free time.  It became okay. Some days, it was really, actually. . . I daresay ‘fun’.

So visit the original post–Fun Ways to Help Kids Learn Spelling Words–for a sampling of what we found!


Tomorrow: teach mama’s top 10 all-time best countdown, #1.  (woot!)




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