best of teach mama countdown: #5 — letters b and d

letters b and dI love it when I find a resource that really, truly helps my kids.

And PBS has provided me with so many ways to support my children’s learning, in their smart and thoughtful programming and online resources, that it’s not surprising that this particular post seems to have helped numerous other families as well.

Coming in at #5 is a post I wrote a long, long time ago when Maddy was in Kindergarten and when she was repeatedly confusing letters b and d. This post, though it hasn’t been tweeted or shared on Facebook like other posts, has received the most hits from specific Google searches, people searching for ‘help with letters b and d’ or ‘confusing b and d’.

Month after month, this post comes up as one read and re-read, one where the document I created for Maddy is downloaded and downloaded again.

A huge thanks to our friends at PBS, and specifically Word World, for creating a fun and catchy way of helping my little one–and many others–remember how to distinguish those tricky letters b and d.

Here we go, numero cinco. . .

letters b and d confusionTonight while I was helping a tired Maddy complete her “Read to Me, Talk with Me” assignment, she paused and looked at me after she wrote a letter ‘p’.

I don’t know if that’s a ‘p’ or a 9, and I don’t really care, she said. I’m going to hope it’s a ‘p’, though, because I’m adding ‘picture’ to my list. (She was making a list of all of the things she could see in Baby Bear’s messy room from the book, Goldilocks and The Three Bears, by James Marshall, 1988.)

I said, Maddy, it’s okay to ask for help, though, if you want some. Yesterday when we started this, you wrote the number ’49′ on the page. Remember, you counted 49 books in Baby Bear’s room? Maybe that will help you. We all need help sometimes. 

She looked up and saw 49, and she said, Oh, I remember.

But when she got to the ‘d’ in ‘teddy bears’, she looked at me again. She said, I know ‘d’s because they’re in my name, but sometimes I mix them up in other words. I think I need help with d’s.

That was all I needed to bust out with, Liiiiine and circle is the lettaaa ‘bbbbeeeee’, circle and liiiiiine is the lettaaaa ‘ddddeeee’. . .

Because I know it will come up again sometime soon, . . . (read the rest of the b and d post to find out what we did!).


Tomorrow: teach mama’s top 10 all-time best countdown, #4.




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