cutting cards

Hopefully none of my friends or family who read this will be upset, outraged, or annoyed, but I have something to confess: my kids practice cutting on the cards you send them.

We don’t file them in nice folders, keep them to look back on and read–we just don’t.

We receive them, read them, feel thankful for them, and then we put them in our “Card Box”. And then we use them for crafts and for cutting practice.

I hope you still love us.

  • Cutting Cards: Every so often, like today on a rainy afternoon like today or when we’re just in the mood to practice scissor use, we take out our Card Box and practice cutting on the beautiful, gorgeous, perfect cards that we receive from friends and family.
Owen practices cutting along lines we drew around a (cough)
cheerleading kitty cat. Must have been Maddy or Cora’s card.

Sometimes, Maddy, Owen, or I will draw shapes around objects or people on the cards and then the kids will try to cut around them. Other times, like today, Maddy will draw squiggly lines on a card and then will cut along them to make a puzzle.

Once in a while, we’ll take out the Card Box to use for other crafts we’re making. Maddy and Owen try to cut out animals, people, or objects that they can glue to a picture or masterpiece they’re working on.

Maddy works on cutting out a ballerina bunny.

Even Cora has begun to do well with cutting and, at 2, she’s learning to hold scissors properly. Of course, I’m watching her and only let her use the kid scissors, but it’s a difficult–and important–fine motor skill that all little ones need to be taught and then given time for practice.

So that’s our little bit of learning for today–after a busy, rainy and cold swim team practice in the morning, we needed a low-key, relaxing activity for the afternoon.

Thanks and (please!?) keep the cards coming!




  1. Stimey says

    This is actually a really great use for old cards. I may have to get out a bin for cards and use them for this.

  2. dana says

    we use them to make puzzles! also have a bunch of bday cards that my daughter just received and am thinking of turning them into a placemat for her!

  3. DairyQueen says

    what a fun idea! I could see lots of stick puppets from those! I might go raid our memory boxes!

  4. Amy from Occupation: Mommy says

    That's a great idea. I always feel vaguely guilty when I throw cards away, but I can't possibly keep them all. Cutting them up for crafts would be lots of fun. And the stiff card stock is perfect for little hands. The only problem is that my girls are little pack rats…


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