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It’s so funny how sometimes, sneaky learning shows up organically–completely unexpectedly–in our day.

Driveway Shuffleboard Math is no exception.

We were out front, enjoying a brief break in the rain, when Owen pulled out a fun bouncy ball.  I was trying to sweep the sidewalk and had lazily left our broom resting against the house while I got the mail.

Maddy and Cora were using chalk on the walkway.

Owen brought the broom to the ball and shuffled it down the driveway, trying to aim the ball so that it hit me as I walked up with the mail.

Ten points for me if I get you, Mom!

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • Driveway Shuffleboard Math: And so it was born from my son trying to hit me with the ball.

Not so much to injure me as much as scoot the ball my way, like a pinball machine. Or shuffleboard.

So we’ve called it Driveway Shuffleboard, and here’s how it goes:

1. Grab a ball, broom, and chalk.

driveway shuffleboard

driveway shuffleboard


We used our fun Sunny Patch ball from Melissa & Doug which I just love because it’s cute and which the kids love because it reminds them of a cooler version of their P.E. balls at school.  No joke they really say that.

We used our hose to keep the ball still until we were ready, but depending on the slope of your driveway, you may not need one.

The great thing about Driveway Shuffleboard is that you can make it work for you.

  • Don’t have a driveway? Play on the sidewalk.
  • Don’t have a big broom? Kick or push the ball.
  • Don’t have a super outdoor ball? Use a ping pong ball.

Easy. Quick. Like learning on the fly should be.

driveway shuffleboard

driveway shuffleboard

2.  Draw your point value at the bottom of driveway.

We used multiples of five so that it was easier for adding scores, but you could use any numbers that work for you.

driveway shuffleboard

3. Play!

We really just took turns shuffling the ball down the driveway, trying to reach the higher points on the edges–20!

There’s no wrong way to do it–really, there isn’t.

driveway shuffleboard

driveway shuffleboard

4.  Keep score.

We do this differently every time we play–sometimes in teams, sometimes individually. Some days we add the scores as we go, and other times we add them at the end.

We usually play until we run out of room for the scoreboard. That’s how hardcore we are.

driveway shuffleboard

That’s it. Totally low-key. Totally fun.

Try it in other ways, too:

  • use 100’s and make your scores really, really high (kids LOVE it!)
  • make one column a *CRAZY* one that requires kids to dance, sing, or cartwheel if they roll onto it
  • make them ALL crazy ones and don’t keep score

Many ways to play. The important thing? You’re together, the kids are having fun, no one’s arguing, and they’re learning a little along the way.

Happy summertime learning!


fyi: Though I am a Melissa & Doug Blog Ambassador, this is an unsponsored post. I just really dig their stuff. Period. 

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  1. says

    What a fun activity! I like your ideas for the variations, like high numbers, etc. Here’s another idea: if someone’s ball goes down through the “crazy” place, they get to decide what kind of exuberant thing to do and EVERYONE does it with them (spinning in circles/ making a connected chain of runners/ playing leapfrog, etc.)

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