fab ideas for new year’s, organization and winter family fun

Happy New Year, my friends!fab ideas for new year's, organization and winter family fun

Let’s do what we can to get 2013 started in a fun, organized, and fresh way by checking out what the experts are doing–and you know those experts are other parents and teachers out there, right?

I’ve been all about Pinterest lately, and I invite you to join me.

Though it may be intimidating at first, it’s easy and fun once you get the hang of it. And you’ll find a boatload of cool ideas over there.

Pinterest is essentially a virtual pinboard–you can ‘pin’ your favorite ideas and photos with the click of a button. It’s super for storing ideas, finding ideas, and sharing ideas.

A quick shout out to some of my fave Pinterest pals landed all of these cool ideas for ringing in New Year’s, organizing home and family, and celebrating winter with activities and crafts for kids.

Check out the boards, follow them, and let’s make 2013 a year to remember!

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • Fab Ideas for New Year’s, Organization, & Winter Family Fun:

new year's ideas for tradition, organization and family

Here are some great boards for New Year’s Ideas:


pinterest organizing home

Let’s start the New Year organized! Check out these amazing boards:


pinterest post organized home

Some more amazing organization boards:


Take a look at these fab boards filled with wintertime activities and ideas:


pinterest post winter 2

More winter-pinterest board awesomeness: 

pinterest fun activities for kids

And if the winter pinterest boards aren’t enough, check out these boards for any time of the year, cool kid-fun:

Remember, though it’s important for families to enjoy time together, doing fun activities and cool things together, down time is an absolute must. And I admit that I often fall into the Pinterest trap of getting caught up in all of these crafts, printables, ideas, and games, thinking that 100% of our family time must be spent engaged in absolutely awesome, incredible, and memorable activities.  But it doesn’t.

I do have to remind myself that especially with school-aged kids, down-time–totally unstructured, free-bird, open play time–is a necessity.snowy day

The Joys of Doing Nothing, by Margery D. Rosen, really spoke to me.   It’s true: Leading a frenetic life is not inevitable or enviable. And parenting is not a competitive sport.

But most importantly, to me, was the part about being a role model:

You are your child’s best teacher. If she sees that you value unstructured time, she will, too. “The world is a rich learning environment, without all the frills,” says Hirsh-Pasek. Carve out time to turn off your cell phone, stop checking your e-mail, and just hang out, without lamenting that you “should” be doing something instead of “wasting time.”

I love it.  Let’s go.


Please leave the url below for your favorite boards–ringing in the New Year, organizing house and family, or wintertime activities. I’d love to find more awesome boards to follow!

I plan to do a round-up of the best boards for unstructured, free play, down-time, and free play spaces in January. Please leave the url of those boards, and I’ll add them to the post!


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  1. says

    I was thinking of starting with Pinterest but to be honest I feel the same way how I felt about twitter when I still didn’t have an account… I am just scared I will be overrloaded with info and it will make me upset 😛 (I still have this feeling that makes me feel bad when I can’t differ between what’s worthwhile and what’s rubbish).
    But these ideas do look great. Maybe I will overcome my fear and finally start with pinning stuff! :)

    • amy says

      Do it!! Alexandra–I’m happy to help you through any stress or confusion! I think you’d like it more than twitter because it’s so visual. Let me know what you think! Can’t wait to hear if you take the plunge or not! (And either way, totally fine!!)

    • amy says

      you got it, my girlfriend! 2013 is the year that we are FINALLY going to get together in real life (even though I feel like you’re one of my old bff’s!). . . xoxo

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