fab kids’ app: interactive books, music, & more (& iPad mini giveaway!)

I’ve looked at dozens and dozens and dozens of kids’ apps in recent months.BelugaBloo interactive books, music, more cover

Many? Kinda cool.

A handful? Pretty rough around the edges.

Some? Pretty darn fabulous and really, really well done.

Most recently, I’ve checked out a really fab app–one worth your time and your kids’ precious screen time.  It’s a free app but within the app is a store where you purchase pieces or pick up some freebies or features.

It’s called BelugaBloo, and though the name is a little crazy (pronounce it just as you’d think, silly!), the interactive books, music, and games are well done, and I’m thrilled to let you on board.

Also pretty darn fabulous and really, really cool is that the great people of BelugaBloo have offered to give away one iPad mini with a handful of BelugaBloo books and games to one lucky teachmama.com reader.   Believe it!

BelugaBloo bookshelf

the BelugaBloo bookshelf

They want you to be able to have these fabulous and really, really well done interactive books, music, and games at your fingertips. Woot.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • Fab Kids’ App–Interactive Books, Music, & More (& iPad mini giveaway!)BelugaBloo has over 60 years experience in the children’s book industry, and their focus with their apps is to make children’s reading fun and enlightening.

They work with a large network of publishers, choose the best texts, and then create an instructive and engaging platform for kiddos to read, learn, and enjoy the reading process, and what I love most about their products is the wide range of rich story choices and the absolutely gorgeous visuals.

We had a chance to try out several of their many interactive books, music, and games.  Ranked in our top faves were:
BelugaBloo books a apple

A is for Apple: before the swipe. . .

BelugaBloo app  - 11

. . . and after.

  • A is for Apple: Very cute, brightly-illustrated alphabetical slider book. A is for Apple will teach children to recognize their ABC’s with bright pictures, fun shiny sliding cards and the anticipation of what is hiding behind the panels. Lots of focus on letters, words, and picture recognition. Though Cora’s on the older side for it, I think it’d be great for tinier ones.

 BelugaBloo hare

Loved. This. One.

  • The Groovy Story of the Tortoise and the Hare: An updated version of the children’s classic, this modern take features a hip and happy hare and a cool country tortoise. Kids will love to move and groove with this dynamic duo as they hop and pop towards the finish line in this silly retelling of the classic tale. Rich illustrations and fun rhyming text with strong morals remaining at the heart of the story make this a great read for kids.

BelugaBloo piano

Really very cute–clear and so fun.

  • Lullaby Piano: Lullaby Piano is totally Cora’s fave.  It’s interactive and lets parents–or caregivers–sing along with their kids while kids learn how to play their favorite baby songs on a digital keyboard. Seriously cute animated characters combined with high quality sounds make this a really incredible piece. Simple but not too simple; complex enough to keep kids engaged and challenged.

BelugaBloo app  - 05

Drip Drops before the colors. . .

BelugaBloo drip drop

. . . and after.

  • The Drip Drops Coloring Party: Maddy listened to this over and over and then she declared that she wanted to speak with an English accent like the girl reading the story.  This is considered one of the most  interactive and unique coloring apps that BelugaBloo offers.  The Drip Drops Coloring Party focus is simply the colors of the rainbow, and it’s more than just a story–kiddos put together puzzles, match colors, create tunes on a keyboard, connect dots in number sequence, and much, much more! Cool.




BelugaBloo bible stories

BelugaBloo book-WM

  • The Crossing of the Red Sea & The Creation story: Both are re-tellings of the classic Bible tales, and they’re absolutely gorgeous.  They’re both beautifully illustrated and include interactive features that allow kids to read with a narrator and play interactive games that relate to the story. A great and easy way to introduce your children to one of the world’s most timeless tales.  I’m always a fan of Bible stories for kids–the more places they can get these important lessons, the better.  And awesome when it’s an app.
  • Discovery Channel™ Extreme World: Created in association with Discovery Channel™, this book (and the whole series, I imagine) is packed with facts, fabulous graphics, and really engaging text.  Though some of it can be a little gory (Maddy and Owen love it!) it is a favorite.  I’m hoping that the others will be available for download shortly.

We liked really all that we tried, but these were our favorites.

BelugaBloo app


Definitely worth checking out, as the literacy focus is clear here. A few things I liked, in general, about the BelugaBloo apps:

  • the app is available on both Google Play and iTunes store;
  • the ‘Read by Myself’ / ‘Read to Me’ / ‘Autoplay’ options for nearly all books;
  • the app is available in Spanish and Chinese!;
  • the clear fonts, large and easy-to-read for texts directed at younger readers;
  • the interactive nature of all texts;
  • the reading voices–fluent, clear, and easy to listen to;
  • the colors–bright, vivid, and eye-catching;
  • the specific level-based differences–early readers were more simple; more advanced text were more complex;
  • books are being added each day–so the choices will continue to grow and evolve.

Now, enough from me.

teachmama ipad giveaway

Let’s get to how YOU can bring all of this fun home to your young readers!


GIVEAWAY: your OWN iPad mini & BelugaBloo bundle of 5 books & games!

Do you want to win your OWN iPad mini & BelugaBloo bundle of 5 books & games?! Ummm. . . of COURSE you do!

Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to throw your name in the hat:


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ipad apps for teaching and learning


fyi: I was compensated for my time, effort, energy, and expert opinion in regard to the above products.

As always, my opinions are all my own, influenced only by my experience as a parent and educator–and, of course, my three little digital kids and their iPad-happy hands.





  1. jaime says

    Oh my kids would love these apps if we had an ipad:-) love the drip drop coloring app the most but all of them would be fun

  2. says

    I love that it seems to have a large selection of books available to read, you can never had enough books no matter how you read them!

  3. Cristina says

    I’d love to try out “A is for Apple” with my Pre-K kiddos. Love the bright colors! It looks like it would keep their interest too.

  4. Yasmin says

    There are several I would like to check out, but I think the most interesting would be Lullaby Piano! I think it would be a favourite here!

  5. Amanda says

    I’m excited to try Drip Drops Coloring Party! Always looking for fun new ways for my preschoolers to learn and experience colors.

  6. Abby L. says

    The Discovery Channel Extreme World app looks absolutely awesome. But all the apps look great. I think my youngest would enjoy Lullaby Piano the most. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  7. says

    I’d love to try out all of them! But I think my kids favorite one would be Lullaby Piano as my girls are always trying to get me to teach them songs on their toy piano. They would be able to learn on the iPad mini and then take it to there and do duets!

  8. Rebecca says

    My students and my own girls at home would love this. They are so into books and when they come to life on a personal device, they are hooked! I am eager to have them try out all of the books!

  9. Brandy says

    I think my children would enjoy the bible story books or the Discovery Channel Extreme World the most, so I would have to choose those.

  10. M. Hecht says

    Can I say that’s like most of them? I think the A is for Apple is a great idea. Having young children learn the alphabet is critical for learning to read.

  11. Danielle Iacoviello says

    The painting one, drip drops coloring party looks like it would be right up my dd’s alley! Thanks for the review!

  12. Cath says

    Lullaby Piano sounds like so much fun. My son is desperate to learn the piano and this would be a great way of saving the piano keys till he is older.

  13. Cathy says

    My kids would love all of those. They adore interactive books, but I can see my littlest really falling in love with Lullaby Piano!

  14. Jessica says

    I really appreciate such an indepth review of a potential app for my child. I have found it very helpful and am very excited for her to experience it.

  15. Amanda Conrady says

    I can’t wait to have my son use the A is for Apple. He is currently attending speech therapy twice a week and this will totally help me when we are on the go. I have checked out many apps and they are all boring, don’t work or have accents (which can cause a problem lol) My daughter is excited about the Lullaby Piano.

  16. Priscilla Palac says

    This is interesting! What do you get? DO you buy stuff. What does this teach you. how about if you do not have anything like that? What the do we do?

  17. says

    I look forward to checking out A is For Apple. It looks like it would be good to use with the 2 older orphans we are adopting from Latvia as we try to teach them English/reading. Thanks!

  18. Margaret Ann Young says

    I would love for my boys (7,5,3) to have an mini!!Maybe I could get my iPhone back!! My 7 year old would love the Discovery Channel, My 5 year old would love the Drip Drops and I think my 3 year old would love the Lullaby Piano. This is such a fantastic giveaway! Thank you!

  19. Hadia chbaro says

    A is for Apple will be great app for my son especially that he has speech delay and everyone recommended iPad applications to help him.

  20. Kristine says

    Anything that has to do with music would be loved in our family! LULLABY PIANO looks fantastic! Thank you!

  21. Arlene says

    I would love to have the Discovery Channel Extreme World app! My daughter would love it! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  22. Crystal says

    They all look fun, but I think my girls would most enjoy the Tortoise and the Hare story. It looks very funny and entertaining!

  23. Darci says

    The zoo one that will be coming soon would be a hit with my kids. I love the “drip” colors one as well. :)

  24. Benjamin Spaulding says

    A is for Apple. We have an 18month old and she is learning so fast. Having a tech toy/tool to help assist her learning would be fantastic!

  25. Heather says

    I am so excited to check out the A is for Apple section. My 9 year old has reading difficulties and i am always looking for fun ways to help!

  26. Erika T. says

    The BeBee Shape sorting is something my daughter would love …also the Counting Numbers App! (I think she is going to like Math! :)

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