fun activities for kids: last week of tabletop surprises

This is the last week we’re rolling with our tabletop surprises. activities for kids: last week of tabletop surprises

Even though our calendar was ten weeks and we’ve rocked #tabletopsurprises out for nine fun-filled weeks, next week will be spent (gasp!) doing the kids’ summer school work.

Sure, I should have more evenly spaced the work, but whatever.  I didn’t.

And school’s almost here. As in a week away. Open House next Friday.

Stop the madness, right?

Next week we’re going to do a whole lot of organizing around the house. A whole lot of cleaning. And a whole lot of cramming those math packets and reading post cards.

I need to make next week as un-fun as possible so that Maddy, Owen, and Cora are really ready to go to school and excited for summer to end.

Just kidding.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • Fun Activities for Kids–Everyday Tabletop Surprises:

This week, we did a little sign language, some playing with money, and put in some library time.

We had a little math fun.

We celebrated Owen’s birthday (how on earth is he nine years old??!) with a few of his buddies, and despite the torrential rains we had, it was a good week.



sign language = another cool way to get kids learning #tabletopsuprises #summer #asl



mad libs! my favorite way to play with parts of speech! #tabletopsuprises #summer #reading #writing #grammarrocks



library day! last of the summer book sweeps! #tabletopsuprises #summer #readingrocks #bookworms



they wish it was real–and so do I–but today we’re playing with money money money MON-EY! * free printables on the blog * #tabletopsuprises #summer #math #play



math games online and offline — our faves with links on the blog! #tabletopsuprises #lastone #summer #familyfun #math #stem


Check out all the fun we had this summer!  I am already excited about what lies in store for us next summer! 

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