fun and easy april fool’s tricks for kids

Ha! It’s almost April Fool’s Day–the silliest holiday in the history of holidays. I’ve got something super up my sleeve for the big day this week, but until then, here are a few tricky-trickster ideas that may get everyone in your house smiling. . .


  • April Fools’ Eggs and BaconIf eggs and bacon are your thing and you’ve got the itch to trick your kiddos at breakfast this week, then this one’s for you.

It was a total hit when I sprung it on Maddy, Owen, and Cora last year, so it’s going to take a whole lot to top it this year. But I think I have an idea! (Read Friday to find out!)

Hmmmm, are these fried eggs real or not?

Cora tries to figure it out. . .


  • Candy Sushi: You totally can’t go wrong if you put this ‘sushi’ in front of your little ones this week–not only is it beautiful, but it’s sweet, too!

An absolutely perfect idea for April Fool’s Day, I think Candy Sushi, especially packed in a lunchbox–will be a super trick.

Add some little red fish to the mix for some ‘sashimi’ and it’s a win!

Candy sushi is our favorite snack–April Fool’s Day or not!

For some reason, though, they just make me laugh. Hard.

Especially when there’s a pair staring back at me from something totally random like a pencil sharpener, the cabinet, or Maddy’s Spelling Notebook.

Something’s definitely wrong with me.

But I just may bring the ole googles out for April Fool’s, just to get a laugh–or a surprised scream!– from Maddy, Owen, and Cora. . .


Boo! Googly eyes on anything makes me laugh–



(Well, okay. I will share a picture–but it’s going to be very, very, very, very small.)

But these Squid Dogs were intended to be silly–and tasty–but instead they turned into one big whopper of a flop. Check them out if you dare, but be forewarned: even if your kids love hotdogs and pasta, pairing the two for dinner is just. plain. strange.


Do you have anything planned for April Fool’s Day?

Do tell–I’m always up for something silly to spring on my family and friends!!  Want some more fun ideas? Check out Tip Junkie’s April Fool’s Day ideas for some really fun ones. . .




  1. Lauralee Flores says

    You got my creative juices flowing. Thanks for this! I can’t wait to see what you have planned this year!

  2. says

    April fools is one of my favorite days! One year i froze their cereal and last year I did jello juice! This year I’m planning major trickery! I think the kids are planning some too so I’d better be on my toes on Friday! Familyfun has tons of ideas of course!

  3. gracie says

    one year my husand and I put small dog biscuits in pancakes as they cooked on the griddle. Kids had no idea they were there until they tried to cut into them. Of course we stopped them before they ate them!


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