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speaking sharing and video reviews for tweens | kidzvuzAs a parent of a tween, I’m up for almost anything that will help her become better at speaking, thinking, and sharing her ideas and opinions.

As an educator, I know that kids love more than anything to have their ideas heard.

Mixing it all together in a safe, moderated environment is key. Especially for our digital kids, having a platform where tweens can get some serious practice with speaking, sharing, reviewing and putting it all to video is absolutely awesome.

Enter: KidzVuz.

KidzVuz is a safe online video sharing site for kids ages 7-12 years old.

Kids can literally share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions on just about anything from pets to books to games to movies.  They share reviews on sports, toys, and travel.

It’s a platform where tweens can be heard, pick up some recommendations, and create connections.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • Help Tweens with Speaking, Sharing, and Video Reviews– KidzVuz: An ideal online stepping stone for tweens, KidzVuz is something that my kids have been playing with for some time now, and they love it.

help tweens with speaking thinking and video reviews


help tweens with speaking thinking and video reviews

And I love it.

I love that:

  • membership must be approved by a parent or caregiver first;
  • users don’t use their real names–they create ‘screen names’;
  • all videos are moderated before publishing;
  • kids can leave and receive feedback for other videos;
  • KidzVuz provides ‘lessons’ on what makes great video reviews (click on ‘want your video to rule’ on the right sidebar);
  • it is a certified ‘kidSAFE‘ site;
  • users can become ‘Star Reviewers‘ and actually receive products to review on the site;
  • it’s not spammy or full of distracting ads;
  • this is a super confidence-builder for kids and a great way to get them started with video and technology.


help tweens with speaking thinking and video reviews

help tweens with speaking thinking and video reviews


Maddy has done a few reviews, and she has loved, loved, loved sitting down to read the feedback she’s received. She loves watching other videos and leaving comments for other reviewers.

What I really, really love is that these reviews can be as simple or as complex as the user can handle. Reviews can be quickie, 20 second, I love this toy because. . .  or a video share of a well-planned three-reason persuasive argument for a favorite sport, book, or pet. our digital kids

It’s been an opportunity for Maddy to practice summarizing, planning, and thinking. It’s been a great mini-practice for public speaking.  It’s been an exercise in getting her point across clearly and concisely.

I think it’s more than ideal support for teachers in summary or review writing, and kids would love to create videos to accompany their writing.

Gulp. Makes my heart ache for the classroom again. . .


Right now, if you check out the site, kids can enter to win a signed copy of Mr. Max: The Book of Lost Things by Cynthia Voigt and a $20 Visa Gift Card. Woot! Pretty darn cool if you ask me (or my tween!).

What do you think? Have your kids tried KidzVuz yet? Do you think they’d go for it?   Parent-Teacher Conferences are around the corner for many–consider recommending it to teachers of tweens!

Just another way of supporting our Digital Kids!




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    I think this would be great for my 8 yr old who LOVES to talk and has just recently expressed an interest in being “online”. But, I worry about her being online and public. How are you reassured that the videos won’t be posted elsewhere? And how can we be sure that only kids are on the site and no adults are trolling the sites? Also is the site monitored to eliminate negative feedback on the videos? Sorry for the many questions! So many things to worry about when allowing our kids to enter the digital space….

    • says

      BELIEVE me, I’m crazy when it comes to keeping my kids safe in the digital space. . . but I personally know the gals who are behind KidzVuz, and I know for sure that the site is COPPA compliant ( Here’s the COPPA info (

      I’m not sure about the comment part, but I’ll invite one of the KidzVuz experts to jump in. THANK you for reading, and please let me know what you decide. Feel free to message me offline so that my kiddos on KidzVuz can give your *new* reviewer some positive feedback!

  2. says

    Melanie – As a co-founder of KidzVuz, I’m GLAD you’re asking questions. We absolutely love parents who pay attention to what their kids are doing online – because that’s exactly what we do.
    – We read every comment before it goes up — no bullying, and no way for trolls to write to (or say creepy things to) kids.
    – We watch every single video before it’s posted – not just for bad language or nudity, but to make sure a kid doesn’t say or do anything that might put them at risk – like revealing their first and last name, saying their phone number (that happens!), or even wearing a shirt with the name of their school on it.

    As far as videos ending up elsewhere – we do sometimes share our favorite, awesome beyond belief videos on our Facebook page or on our fully monitored YouTube Channel, but remember, those videos have been watched and approved by our moderation team before we post them, and we monitor comments there, too.
    Of course no matter how many safety precautions we take, nothing is 100% foolproof, but we do our absolute best to not only comply with FTC regulations, but to exceed what they demand, to make sure kids have a safe, fun time on KidzVuz while they Have Their Say.
    Hope that helps! And hope we see your daughter on!

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