high school basketball games: why families should go

high school basketball game with kidsTotally new-for-us this last month was something that I wish we would have done sooner, but I think our kids are finally at just-the-right age.

Just like the ole days (at least for me!) we spent a recent, wintery Friday night in a brightly-lit high school gymnasium, rockin’ it out at a high school basketball game.

And it was a total blast.

Maddy, Owen, and Cora had so much fun that we all want to return sooner rather than later, and the following week we even hit a local college’s gymnastics competition. We’re addicted to local sports.

And it’s not a bad thing.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • High School Basketball Games–Why Families Should Go:  There are probably a good dozen or so reasons why families should take some time out to support local sports, but I whittled it down to three.

high school basketball games with kids

 1. The Teamwork. There’s some serious teamwork going on at high school basketball games–or at least there should be.

And even if you’re not watching a stellar team full of future NCAA or NBA stars, a good coach should run a team tightly, with a whole lot of cheering and support for each other.

Most teams now have chants or little team-building rituals that are great for our little guys to see.  It not only gives them something to aim for down the road (Wouldn’t it be awesome if I were part of a team like that?!), but it gives them something to talk to the ‘big guys’ about next time they see them in the neighborhood.


high school basketball games

2.  The ‘Big’ Kids. C’mon, guys, really, there’s no reason to fear ‘big kids’ — and I’m not even saying that because I was a high school English teacher.

Big As parents of young children, I’m realizing first-hand how important it is to find responsible, creative, fun ‘big kids’ as role models for my own ‘little ones’.  Part of the reason that Maddy, Owen, and Cora all love their summertime swim team is because of their coaches–who just happen to be local high school and middle school kids.

And to see those very same ‘big kids’ shooting hoops on the high school court–or cheering or dancing or playing in the band–is so totally beyond cool for them.


high school basketball games for families

3.  The Excitement.  Especially now, later in the season, these games are surprisingly exciting. And I’m not even that big of a sports gal.

But when it comes down to the semi-finals and finals–add two ‘rival’ teams from across town–there is a buzz in the air.  There’s usually a mostly-full gymnasium, and often schools even bring out the band or dance squad.

It’s really cool.  Loud, yes–but cool–and so exciting for our little ones to see.


Are there more reasons we should support local sports? Ohmygosh yes! But these are just a few off the top of my head.  Should parents be on the watch for some crazy outfits, some nuts language, and maybe some on-the-court arguments? Yep.

But isn’t that life? Talk about some perfect ‘teachable’ moments about topics that might not otherwise arise in the safety of your own home, right?

So google your local high school, check the basketball schedule, and head on out there! Stretch bedtime for one night, and enjoy watching the stars in your kiddos’ eyes.  Buy ’em some popcorn and Skittles, and they’ll talk about it for weeks to come.

And then? Try the less-popular sports, a debate match, or a drama production.  The sky’s the limit.

Just enjoy the family time and the new-for-you fun!




  1. says

    This post brings back so many memories. My dad was a high school teacher and worked the clock at Basketball games. He would drag my sister and me to the games and we would sit on the stage, right next to the loud buzzer and right behind the “BIG KIDS”. I loved every minute of it! I did realize, recently, that my stay at home mom probably sent her 2 little girls out with dad so she could get a break after a long day at home with preschoolers! 😉
    Great idea to take your kids out to a game!! Before you know it, they may be ON the court at a HS game.

  2. Tara Sahannon says

    Love your comment. I am a basketballl mom with a son that is now is now playing in college. and I still get asked at the store about the BIG KIDS; Please keep supporting your home town teams THEY practice and play hard! Go all Basketball MOM

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