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tooth fairy box


originally published as ‘tooth fairy, we’re ready!’ on October 13, 2009

If you check around the internet, dozens of sites exist with perfect, beautiful tooth fairy pillows. If we had more time, I would have ordered one of them for my loose-tooth Maddy. I’m all about out-sourcing when I can.

With her first teeny-tiny baby tooth hanging on by a thread, last week we hit the craft store and bought a little box for Maddy to paint and prepare as a perfect landing spot for her tooth.

Without a sewing machine or the proper sewing skills, this mama needed a tooth fairy pillow back-up plan.

  • Tooth Fairy Box: Yes, ours is a box. But it’s star-shaped, and now it’s all glittered up, and it’s totally. . . beautiful. Maddy worked her little heart out on it.

tooth fairy box blank

It started out as an inexpensive little wooden box.
tooth fairy box blank
And with a little paint, it slowly became gooooorgeous.
tooth fairy box blank

After a few days of a high fever and feeling completely lousy, finally today Maddy said she wanted to finish decorating her Tooth Fairy Box. We flipped our -at and -an family flip books aside, and we did some old-school free crafting, all in the name of our favorite little fairy and my baby being on the mend.

tooth fairy box

We haven’t met the Tooth Fairy yet, but we know she loves sparkles.
tooth fairy box owen
Owen’s Tooth Fairy Box

Knowing that once Maddy starts losing her pearly whites, Owen won’t be too far behind, while Maddy decorated her box, I made one for Owen, who really wasn’t up for creating one on his own. Painting Tooth Fairy Boxes or playing golf, baseball, and tire swinging out back with Dad? Guess what Owen did. . .

tooth fairy boxWe’ve got Owen feeling lousy today, but once everyone’s back on their feet, we’ll hit the library for some of these Tooth Fairy book titles:

Some of my favorite Tooth Fairy Pillow spots:

  • One Crafty Place: Although this blog is no longer being updated, Chrissy did an awesome job of assembling some very cool crafts. Check out her Tooth Fairy Pillows from around the web.




  1. Christy says

    LOVE it! R had a visit from the tooth fairy because she bumped her tooth and it had to be pulled. She was very nervous about the idea of a fairy coming in her room, but she is only three. I left her tooth fairy box on the opposite side of her room and that helped. Let us know what the tooth fairy leaves in exchange for the tooth!

  2. teachmama says

    thank you, Meredith, Jennifer, Christy, and Elise! Christy–I haven't thought that far yet. . . maybe a 50 cent piece? Is that totally old school? I'm open for ideas!!

  3. Pink & Green Mama says

    Love the tooth fairy boxes!! So adorable and thank your for the kind words about my little pillows.
    xoxo pink and green mama MaryLea

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