how to help your child remember what he reads

how to help your child remember what he reads

Some children are able to easily read the words on a page but cannot remember a lick of what they read.

Believe it.

Whole paragraphs, pages, chapters can sometimes decoded–words read, even fluently–but nothing.  The child remember nothing.  Frustrating right?  Believe me, it’s not all that unusual.

And you can help!

  • What can a parent do?
  • What can a teacher do?
  • What should the child do?

Fear not.  There is help, and there are a handful of strategies that really do support this kind of struggle.

I covered what to do when your child can’t remember what he reads over on the Scholastic Parents blog this week, and I totally think it’s worth mentioning here.

Don’t get angry about the jump from to Scholastic Parents. It’s totally worth it.

See you there!

Here’s the skinny. . .

See you there!




  1. Lisa Noble says

    Sticky notes are a great idea – and are one of the reasons why engaging with digital text can help readers check their comprehension. The first time I read something in ibooks, I was amazed by the ability to highlight (with different colours), or put in a sticky….a .pdf annotating tool will let you do the same with any .pdf text….just in case anyone wants to help their child use this process as they read digitally.

    • says

      Lisa! Totally right. . . and totally worth mentioning! I think I have another post brewing. . . THANK YOU for reading and huge thanks for taking the time to write!!

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