how to make a doll cake (& other sweet fairy party treats!)

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doll cake


Cora’s Fairy Princess Spa Birthday Party was such a blast to plan and host–not necessarily because of the beautiful fairy skirts or games we played, but really? The food was amazing.

And the greatest part of the food prep was that it was EASY.

Like really, surprisingly easy.

I am still smiling from the fact that I made my very first Doll Cake and I’m actually plotting the next time I can make one.  Maybe for Maddy’s First Communion? Nah.

Owen’s birthday? Like with Mario popping out of the top? Possibly.

Add some pink popcorn, chocolate-dipped pretzels, the cutest cupcakes ever, and pink lemonade to the equation, and you have one pretty fab Fairy Princess Spa Party fare.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • How to Make a Doll Cake (& other sweet fairy party treats!): I’ll start with the Doll Cake, since that’s what Cora asked for ever since she attended a party this summer where the birthday girl had THE coveted Doll Cake.

So really only for eight months she’s been asking for one of these babies.

  • Doll Cake — SO easy to make. And I never even realized that I had the equipment that I needed to make this cake under my very own roof, in my very own kitchen.  Waiting for me to use.  You need two round cake pans.  And you need some sort of pan that you can use for the top of the skirt.

The Batter Bowl! I had it here in our house the whole time! Who knew it doubled as a Doll Cake pan!?

A kid’s cup easily makes my circle. . .


. . . and soon the Doll Cake is looking pretty good!

I used the Pampered Chef Batter Bowl but you can use a bundt cake pan or any other sort of bowl that is similar to the Pampered Chef Batter Bowl.  I basically followed the Doll Cake Recipe except that I only baked one cake in the batter bowl instead of two.  Instead, I made two round cakes (using one cake mix) and we were good to go!

It required a total of two cake mixes and three containers of icing.   And the icing spray is so totally fun that it’s worth buying–so we didn’t have to mix the perfect shade of pink.

Thank you, huge candy hearts, for being in our pantry and for being the absolute cutest as a hem on the Doll Cake!

Here’s a super quick slideshow of the Doll-Cake progress:


I wasn’t sure how far the cake would stretch–I know, I know–so I w anted to have cupcakes for the girls just in case. And when I stumbled across the fairy toppers? I thought the girls would love them.  Which they did.  We put the cupcakes in the cupcake tower, and it was so pretty.


Yes, totally embarrassing that I forgot the Blossom Fairy wings, I know, but the girls were still super cute.

  • Colored Popcorn: Details make events really special, so I was excited to kick our snack fun up a notch by creating sweet pink popcorn for the party.

My friend found this recipe and made it for a St. Patty’s Day party I attended. Though it takes about a million hours to make, it was amazing.  And I’m hoping she makes it again soon.

I wasn’t going to make the whole mix because I knew the girls would find the sweet pink popcorn fun and they’d also love the dipped pretzels–but they didn’t need them together or they wouldn’t eat their doll cake or cupcakes.


Who knew that making sweet, colored popcorn would be so easy?

It was the big daddy–sweet pink popcorn, melted pink chocolate, and tiny chocolate chips that made the most amazing mix ever.


  • Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels:  While at the craft store, I picked up some of the meltable chocolate chips in the candy section, and I’m so glad I did. Cora loved, loved, loved helping dip the pretzels in the melted pink chocolate and then dousing them with pink and silver sprinkles.

Melted chocolate, pretzels, and sprinkles.  Yum, yum, and yum.

  •  Other goodies: We had pink lemonade, pink and white wafer cookies, and candy. And that’s it.  Lots of pretty, pink, and sweet.  And lots of happy little fairies.

Huge thanks to one of my pals for clueing me into the fact that I had the very doll cake pan I needed in my house and to another friend for making the fun popcorn mix and introducing me to the idea of coloring popcorn.  Thanks also to Heather Cahoon of you make do and wordplayhouse. Though I am terribly embarrassed that our fairies didn’t have wings (totally my fault–I forgot!), the girls didn’t even notice and loved their cupcakes! Thank you, Heather!

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    Oh, I am retired and remember the first time I saw a doll cake in the fifties. Cora and her friends will remember this wonderful party for a long, long time. It was worth the effort! Now I know how to do this, too, as it was a mystery to me. Thank you so much. Carolyn


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