how we make st. patrick’s day fun, festive, and family-friendly

March is slipping away!saint patrick day fun and festive for families |

St. Patrick’s Day is here!! I can’t believe it!

Want some super-easy ways to make this lucky holiday even luckier (or at least more festive!) for your family?

Before St. Patty’s Day is over (and the adults can relax with their sweeties over a pint of Guinness), there are a few little things we can do to make tomorrow super-festive,  super-exciting, and super-fun for our little ones.

Can you find the four-leaf clover in the picture below?  Print it out and see if your little ones can!

saint patrick day fun and festive for families |


can you find the four-leaf clover in the clover patch above?

Here’s what we’ve got on tap for tomorrow (and feel free to grab what works for you!)

  • Lucky Charms is always for breakfast on St. Patty’s Day, along with green milk. (Those troublesome leprechauns. . .)
  • St. Patty’s Day hike: at one of our local nature centers. . .


hooray! you found it–or at least I hope you did!


Okay, so if you can’t make it to our house tomorrow, print a Make-Your-Own Scavenger Hunt right here. Seriously!

print it here: scavenger hunt make your own

Last year I catered our scavenger hunt to our house, to our kids, to our yard.  But this year, rather than re-run the same ole, same ole Scavenger Hunt for our kids, I deleted some words so that I could change things up a bit.

Instead of  ‘Go to where Owen plays with his cars. . . ‘ I made it ‘Go to where the _______________ are’.

Here’s another example:

Go find a place where the __________ rests,

There will be a puzzle nearby.

Work together and do your best!

That way, I can write in any location I want.  And since each clue leads to another spot, it doesn’t matter which goes first–the possibilities for Scavenger Hunt fun are endless!

Again, the Make Your Own Scavenger Hunt is right here to download: scavenger hunt make your own

  • Rainbow Mobiles: I was over at PBS Parents last week, sharing how we created these totally rainbow-licious pipecleaner rainbow mobiles.  Check it out!

All you need for Rainbow Mobiles is some cotton, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, and glue!

saint patrick day fun and festive for families |

Want some other awesome St. Patty’s Day ideas? Check out:

  • we teach: tons of ideas in the holidays group –tons!
  • Pink and Green Mama: My sweet friend MaryLea rocks the rainbows this year!
  • Family Fun Blog: Valerie hits us with a cute, quickie thumbprint way to say ‘Happy St. Pat’s!’
  • Messy Kids: Rachele has the most incredible, thorough round-up of great ideas here!
  • LeapFrog Community: Leticia links up to tons of ways to integrate math, reading, art, movement, and more in her awesome post.
  • Naturally Educational: Candace shares two beautiful rainbow posts that are absolutely adorable.

Have the happiest St. Patrick’s Day!  Here’s to a luck-filled 2011!




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