homemade squid dogs: a teachmama FLOP

it’s a bird. . . it’s a plane. . . it’s a–squid dogs: a teachmama flop

Squid Dog.

Yep. You got it. A squid dog.

This is what happens when I get a new Family Fun Magazine in the mail on a Friday, my husband heads out to a Saturday night college basketball game, and I’m left alone with three kids.

And I’ve got some hotdogs and spaghetti that just wanna– get together and become. . . squid dogs.

My crazy-cool, incredibly talented friend Jessica once asked me if I ever shared ideas that just didn’t work for my kiddos, and I told her very honestly, that it’s about all I can do to share things that do work.

I assured her that sure–I do try things that flop–but that I’d rather spend my time blogging about activities and tricks that worked for us rather than those that didn’t.

This one, Jessica, my friend, is for you.

The squid dogs were a complete and utter b-u-s-t. Bust with a capital B.


Here’s the skinny. . .
  • squid dogs–a teachmama flop:

When I said, Squiggly squid dogs for dinner!! and handed Maddy her plate, she said, Wow! How cool, Mom!

squid dogs: a teachmama flop

squid dogs: a teachmama flop

Owen picked his up–just like the little guy in the magazine picture–and started making it dance in the air, crazy spaghetti legs flyin’, big smile on his face, nibbling at the wild, long pasta legs.

Cora–oh, my sweet, sweet Coco–said, I don’t like these dogs. I do not want these squig dogs, Mommy. I do NOT WANT THIS SQUIG DOG ON MY PLATE!

squid dogs: a teachmama flopa one-eyed squid dog and his two-eyed buddy

And before I knew it, Maddy said, Mommy, actually, this is not something I want to eat. I don’t think I care for hot dogs with spaghetti inside, and I’ve already had two bites. (Our house rule is at least two bites to try something new. Her bites were teeeeeeny.)

And Owen said, These taste funny. I can’t eat this, Mommy. I just want the mac and cheese shells.

And Cora was just happy that the ‘squig dogs’ were off of her plate.

There you have it–the first ever shared-with-the-world, teachmama total flop.

squid dogs: a teachmama flop

That’s not to say that other kids won’t love squid dogs; I’m sure many do. But my kids weren’t feelin’ em. I wonder why?


Please tell me you have your own food, activity, craft, or game busts. . .




  1. Tech Savvy Mama says

    My husband and I think that these look super cool but I suppose we will not serve them for dinner based on your experience! I love that you shared these and your kids' reactions!

    The next time you see Jessica, ask her about Octodogs! Perhaps your clan will like them better. And no, they don't involve spaghetti!

  2. Ellen says

    A friend told me about these last year, and I kept meaning to try them. I figured I'd enjoy them if the kids didn't!

    I see you're planning to go to BlogHer, I'll be there, it's my neck of the woods. It feels like such along time ago we sat together in one of those seminars! I'm headed to Blissdom next week, very excited.

    This is such an awesome blog. Hey, come to think of it, I would be SO thrilled if you'd be game to guest post for me one day while I'm at the conference, perhaps something tailored to kids with special needs? Let me know! I'm at lovethatmax@gmail.com.

  3. Miti says

    I love your blog. So many clever ideas that will definitely come in handy with my 3yr old.

    I saw that same article the other day at the library and thought hey that's a fun little project.

  4. kewkew says

    Just saw the link to your blog at homegrownfamilies and decided to stop on by. Looks like you have some really cool ideas here.
    I also saw the squid dogs idea in my daughter's magazine and thought they looked really cool. Not sure now if they will work or not. I planned on trying them when we get to the letter Ss. We are on Pp now. Anyhow, in our house we will try recipes and if we like them we call them "keeper recipes" and they go in the drawer. We will see.
    Glad I found your blog. I will be following!


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