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make holiday shopping countI’m always thrilled to find companies that provide products and services that make our lives better, easier, and more awesome.

So when I was approached by my friends at FlipGive and asked to share the news about how they really can make our lives better, easier, and more, awesome, I was totally game.

Though it’s the start of the busy, often chaotic holiday season, FlipGive is something worth taking a few minutes to learn about. They want us to shop smart this year.  Count me in.

Especially if you’re going to be doing some shopping in the next few days. Especially if you’ve got a kiddo whose Brownie Troop or ice-hockey team needs to raise money for uniforms, activities, or tournaments this year. And especially if you think fundraising has to mean bake sales and long weekend afternoons standing outside of grocery stores.

Not kidding.

This year–and there’s still lots of time!–you can really make holiday shopping count. You can very simply turn holiday shopping into an opportunity for earning some extra cold, hard, cizzash for any organization you support.

You can shop smart. I can shop smart.   Let’s go.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • Make Holiday Shopping Count with FlipGive:  FlipGive is an online fundraising platform that helps people raise more money faster for their school, sports teams, club or charity.

You can head to the FlipGive site at any time–and your purchases will count: not only will you buy something great for your loved ones, but that purchase will also support another fundraiser.

It’s a win-win.

flipgive shop smart

3 Steps to get started as a supporter


Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose: Fundraisers choose a brand to create their campaign with. Any school, sports team, church, club, or community group can use FlipGive to raise money
  2. Create: Fundraisers create their online fundraising page in minutes. No need to pre-buy or worry about shipping; with FlipGive, fundraisers sell digital offers to use for future shopping, or send people directly to a brand’s online store. Up to 40% of every sale goes back to the fundraiser.
  3. Invite: Fundraising is more successful and fun when it’s done by a team. FlipGive’s fundraising tools make it simple to invite and manage a group of fundraisers.
  4. Sell: FlipGive provides a number of fundraiser tools to help sell offers by email, social networks, and in-person through mobile apps. All fundraisers need to do is reach out to their network and start selling!
  5. Receive: Fundraisers receive funds and share success with their supporters.

Bam. That’s it.

 shop smart with flipgive

 shop smart with flipgive

Easy-peasy. And I’m ready.

I’ll gladly hang up gift wrap and popcorn sales in exchange for FlipGive.  I’d make this year’s holiday shopping count towards my own kids’ extra-curricular activities, or I’ll gladly support another person’s FlipGive fundraising endeavors.

FlipGive has partnered with some really great brands like Schwans, Chalkfly, Bench, Lynch Creek, ALDO, Indigo, Lowe’s, SHOP.CA, Bench, Organics Live, and more. Check out the FlipGive site for a comprehensive list of their partners.  More partners means more brands for you to choose from.

What are you waiting for? Is FlipGive something that might work for you?

Do let us know in the comments if you establish a fundraiser–I’m sure we’d love to support you!

fyi: This article is brought to you by FlipGive. FlipGive makes it easy to help your kids and community while shopping for great holiday gifts. For more information go to  As always, my opinions are all my own, influenced only by my experience as a parent and educator–and oftentimes overwhelmed fundraising mom and holiday shopper.



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