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Did you know?neighborhood toy story day

The 4th annual Neighborhood Toy Store Day will be held on Saturday, November 9, 2013 to help kick off the holiday shopping season!

I have sung the sweet song of my love of my local toy store before, and I’ll sing it again: I love my local toy store!

And honestly? I had no idea that there was a special day to support my neighborhood toy store and all of the other rockstar neighborhood toy stores around the country, but it sure makes me happy. Who knew?

This weekend, many stores around the country will be kicking off the holiday season with cool events for their customers—face painting, crafts, special performances, and great discounts.   Will your toy store be involved?

Read on to find out.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • Neighborhood Toy Store Day– Kick Off Holiday Shopping Locally: Though I’m super-sad my personal fave neighborhood toy store isn’t participating  in Neighborhood Toy Store Day, many others in my area are.

It seems to me like it’s a good reason to do some exploring locally to peruse some other local toy stores. I’m betting my kids will love it, too.

To find out whether your local toy store is participating in the event this weekend, visit:

neighborhood toy story day


Need a refresher about why neighborhood toy stores totally rock the house?

  • They provide a diverse product selection.  Think: unique toys and specialty brands that you can’t find at national chain store.
  • They provide economic stability!  Think: local jobs and tax dollars
  • They help witih community development. Think: support for a friendly, thriving neighborhood
  • They contribute to reduced environmental impact. Think: less travel, traffic and carbon usage for consumers
  • They provide better customer service. Think: more time to build relationships.

neighborhood toy story day

neighborhood toy story day

Too far from any neighborhood toy store and still want to play at home?  You can!

The good folks at ASTRA are celebrating the fun of shopping for toys at your local toy store with an ‘I Heart My Neighborhood Toy Store’ Sweepstakes.  Believe it.

Through November 8, 2013, log in and win some seriously huge prizes. A family vacation. Crazy toy prizes from fab brands that we all love. Big prizes and lots of ‘em.  All well over $200 each.  Check it out.

Visit to enter to win the following sweepstakes:

What can you win?

  • A Grand Prize Vacation Package: the family vacation of a lifetime at select all inclusive Hard Rock Hotels in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.
  • One gift basket of Kidoozie products from International Playthings valued at $250
  • One gift basket of Calico Critter products from International Playthings valued at $250
  • One gift basket of earlyears products from International Playthings valued at $250
  • Gift certificates for Playmobil products.  Two winners will receive a $250 Playmobil gift certificate each to be redeemed at an ASTRA-affiliated retailer
  • One gift basket of assorted Best Toys for Kids winning product from ASTRA valued at $250

Learn more at or on Twitter at @TheWoohooFactor

To check out the full list of this year’s winners and find a local toy store near you, visit


fyi: This is a sponsored post, written as part of the ASTRA Blog Ambassador program.  As always, my opinions and ideas reflect my experience as a parent, teacher, and lover of all things done in the name of learning and fun!




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