new for us friday–going coconutty!

Wondering what new something we could try for our next New for Us Friday, I grabbed a coconut while I was at the grocery store this week. I remembered my mom having one for us when we were younger, and it was so amazing to me that there was liquid inside of this strange fruit.

Having already unnecessarily butchered our mango a few weeks back, Maddy suggested I search on the Internet for a lesson on how to open the coconut before I do the same to this poor guy. How’d she get so darn smart?

Here’s our story:

  • Going Coconutty: I found that there were way too many crazy videos online on how to open a coconut, and since I don’t have an icepick, meat cleaver, or sledgehammer, I had to settle on’s how-to video. I also watched’s video, and I found that a combo of both techniques worked for me. (Well, kind of. . . )
Woo-hoo! I made a hole in our coconut!

First, I handed the coconut to Maddy, then Owen, then Cora to hold and shake a bit before I attempted to open it. I wanted them to feel how rough the outside was, how heavy the fruit was, and to hear the liquid inside it.

I used a wine bottle opener and scored one of the “eyes” so the water could drip out. This was easy to do, and Owen thought it was so cool to empty the water into a small bowl. We all tried a tiny sip of it–and everyone said that they didn’t care for it. We were off to a good start.

Emptying our coconut.

Next I tried to open it. Not so easy. I found the “equator” and tried to use the back side of my (ahem. . .) bread knife to knock around the circumference, but that did nothing. Then I grabbed a hammer and some sort of awl-like tool I found on my husband’s work bench and tried to hammer around the equator to crack it. Unsuccessful.

My kiddos covered their ears while flecks of coconut shell wound up all over the counter and floor. Eventually Owen ran into the living room–too much excitement for him–and eventually the darn coconut cracked.

Finally! Our cracked coconut next to the coconut that Cora
spit out on the counter. Not yum.

I broke off small pieces for everyone to try, just like the video demonstrated, and consensus was that they didn’t love it. Maddy said it tasted like “hard and chewy nothing” and Owen just said “Yuck.” In fact, after Cora spit hers out on the counter, Maddy and Owen followed suit, and they all just about fell over laughing.Most likely, if they remember anything from this coconutty-afternoon, it will be an image of their mom pounding the life out of a coconut with a hammer and some strange tool and them spitting out their coconut on the counter and falling into a fit of hysterics. We were all a little nutty after this experience.

So that’s what was this week’s NFUF. We determined that we are not a coconut family after all. I’m seriously hoping we can hunt down a winner for next week.




  1. BranFlakes says

    hahahahaha! I love reading about your new experiences. Coconut is a pain to get into, my hubby uses his drill to make the hole and then a hammer just like you did. We do like coconut, but don't get it too often because of the process to get it open. BTW, we prefer it cold, so put it in the fridge and then try it and see if you like it any better.

  2. The girl who painted trees says

    We have these great open air markets here on weekends and always go to buy our fruits and veggies. Bear loves "pipa" (green coconut, that you drink the liquid from – the brown nut is inside) and asks for it all week. She drinks the pipa all to herself! I didn't care for it at first, but now I love it. Coconut water is so healthy for you. Bear loves the coconut meat too. I guess it is what you grow up with. Mango is delicious, but has to be ripe and the mango exported to the States never ripens properly. You'll just have to come to Costa Rica, hehe… Have you tried starfruit? When you slice it, it looks like a star. Great for making prints. It is quite sour so it is great to get the kids to experience something sour, besides lemons and limes. They make juice out of it here, but add a lot of sugar.

  3. Trying New Things says

    I just discovered your blog not to long ago. I love it :) I remember buying a coconut when I nannied years ago and how hard it was to open, and noone liked it either.
    Looking forward to reading more!
    PS my daughter's name is Cora also!

  4. Tech Savvy Mama says

    I can picture you trying to open the coconut! They are so difficult to crack! I wonder if Cora, Maddy, and Owen might like the fresh coconut better if it were grated. Sometimes it's the texture, rather than the actual taste! I bet they would like dried sweetened coconut! Hmmm…Maybe next week's NFUF!


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