pbs kids twitter event: create a literate home

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pbs kids #booknookchallenge twitter event


Everyone wants to create a literate home–but how?

By reading all day long, every day of the week? By talking about books 24/7? By wallpapering your kids’ rooms with bookcovers?

No, no, and no.

Well? Maybe. But not really.

We will be sharing some realistic ways of creating a literate home for your family this very week–Thursday to be exact. 

Please join our good friends from PBS Kids, along with the amazing Melissa Taylor of Imagination Soup and me as we brave the twitterverse for a bit on Thursday and really breakdown the ‘how-to’s of creating a literate home.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • Create a Literate Home Twitter Event:  Join us for a twitter event with amazing parents and teachers and some really special guests!

And PBS Kids is giving away some really cool prize packs!

Who: Parents, teachers, caregivers, expert panelists, and YOU!

Special Guests: tba! stay tuned. . .

What: We will be talking about how to create a literate home for your kids
Why: Because literate homes grow literate kids!
Where: Twitter! (http://twitter.com) #booknookchallenge
When: Thursday, 6.20.13 from 9-10 pm ET

  1. Before the event, rsvp here: http://bit.ly/booknookchallengersvp
  2. On 6.20.13, log onto twitter
  3. Follow the hashtag #booknookchallenge
  4. Tweet, re-tweet (RT), and tweet some more!
  5. Optional: Share YOUR fave photos, tips, tricks, and ideas for creating a literate home!

Helpful hints:

  • use tChat (http://www.tchat.io/rooms/booknookchallenge) to make it easier for you
  • visit the panelists’ sites and bring questions, comments or concerns to the event
  • visit our we teach Twitter event how-to for answers to your Twitter event questions.
  • make sure you are following the hosts (@teachmama, @ImaginationSoup, & @PBSKids) so you don’t miss a beat!

We look forward to chatting with you on Thursday, June 20th, and we are psyched for a summer of fun learning!



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