prepare a family emergency plan: be EVEREADY (and grab a few free books from Scholastic!)

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Free books.  FREE books!family emergency plan resources


Grab free books for making sure your family is prepared for an emergency.  And for goodness’ sake, don’t we all want to be prepared for emergencies?

Thanks to a partnership between EVEREADY® Gold® and Scholastic, families can grab two free books from Scholastic when you purchase batteries. Or a flashlight.

So in the process of preparing a family emergency plan–which everyone should do–you can also grab a few top-notch, free books to keep your kiddos occupied and reading in the event of an emergency.

Actually, you can keep them occupied, engaged, and reading even without an emergency. And let’s hope we all never have to experience one.

Here’s the skinny. . .

But every family must prepare a family emergency plan.

This past fall, folks from a national news outlet came to our house to film a short clip sharing with the nation how prepared we were for an emergency.

They spent the entire day with us, and you know what we learned? We were not at all prepared. At all.

Now, we’re on the road to being more prepared. But we’re still not perfect.

What you can do to prepare a family emergency plan: 

  • check out these resources: (click on image to head to the site where you can download them!)

prepare family for an emergency |

prepare family emergency plan |

  • or check out how our family learned from the experts how to prepare:

fyi: The youtube channel is all about sharing quick teaching tips, reading strategies, and parenting tricks with parents and caregivers. It’s about empowering parents to be the best teachers they can be for their children. Subscribe here so you don’t miss a thing!


prepare family emergency |


free books from scholastic promo


All you have to do is purchase EVEREADY® Gold® batteries or EVEREADY® flashlights and redeem your books by entering special codes online.  Easy peasy.

Any time I hear of a company taking the extra step to ensure that families are prepared for emergencies, I really want to dance.  There’s no time like the present to get rolling on this. Really.  So head get going!

How do you prepare for an emergency? Do you have a family emergency plan? What else should we know–and share–with readers? Do tell!


fyi: This is a sponsored post.  I was asked to share information about their awesome EVEREADY® for Life campaign, and I was happy to do so. As always, all opinions are my own, influenced only by my experience as a parent and educator.




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