pulled cotton ghosts: halloween craft for little ones

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pulled cotton ghost


The following guest post is written by the incredibly busy Theresa of Capri + 3.  Theresa is a mom of four toddlers, and her family’s story is an amazing blessing. Her blog chronicles their adventures.


I am stopping by from Capri + 3 to share a fun and easy Halloween craft, perfect for little hands.

I love the change in the weather, the aroma of cinnamon and pumpkins and festive fall decorations.  We have three boys and a girl who will turn three in November and they love to do arts and crafts projects.

Since Halloween is approaching, I thought it would be fun to make fluffy pulled cotton ghosts.  We have made pulled cotton ghosts before and glued them onto black paper. This year, I decided to shake things up and make them three dimensional using recycled toilet paper rolls.

That way they can ‘haunt the mantle’ or greet goblins coming to ‘trick or treat’ on Halloween night.

  • Pulled Cotton Ghosts–Halloween Craft for Little Ones:


You will need:

First, set the TP roll on edge and draw a circle larger than the roll and cut it out (or have your older child to this).

Ghost--TP Roll with paper on it

Then, cut slits around the circle and tape it on one end so that it blocks the hole in the cardboard tube.


Give your children cotton balls and have them pull them apart to make fluffy cotton.  This is a great fine motor activity and can also be very relaxing if you want to get in on the fun!

Ghost--Pulling Cotton Ryder

 Capri making her ghost

Then, add glue all around the cardboard tube and on the white paper located on the top.  Have your children glue the pulled cotton onto the ghost.   The great thing about this project is that the cotton can be layered so that it no longer resembles the shape of the cardboard tube (just add more glue).  Then, have your child glue on the eyes and mouth.

Our little ones love to look up and see their pulled cotton ghosts ‘haunting’ the mantle.’


capri plus 3Theresa and Greg struggled with infertility and were fortunate to have a happy outcome to their journey.  Theresa started Capri + 3 as a way to share their infertility success story to bring hope to other couples facing challenges in starting their families and to document their children’s childhoods.  It has morphed into a blog about parenting multiples, arts and crafts activities for children and so much more.  Capri, Grayson, Xayden and Ryder  were all born in November of 2010.

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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Theresa,  for sharing!

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