results of our family’s 3-week oral care challenge

oral care challengeOkay, so the results are in for our family’s 3-week oral care challenge.

And our findings are both good–and bad.

I have to say that our Oral Care Challenge couldn’t have come at a better time–October kicks off a sweet, candy-filled holiday season for us–and having a new oral care regime was exciting. And fun.

For some of us.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • Results of Our Family’s 3-Week Oral Care Challenge: I wish wish wish I could say that we all knocked the socks off of our new floss and brushes.

I wish wish wish I could say that we are now brushing after every single meal.

I wish wish wish I could say that my husband and I were leading the oral care charge over here, modeling supreme oral care habits, flossing fabulously, and dancing while we rinsed.

I wish wish wish I could say that I eagerly anticipated the next time I could enjoy the slow and comforting ritual of the brush, floss, and rinse routine instead of rushing through (gulp) only the brushing as I barely washed my face and fell into bed.

But I cannot.

We were not A+ Oral Care students–we just weren’t.  Aren’t.

oral care challenge

my kids loved the markers and the chart. . .

But we have tried something new and we have begun to take tiny steps to incorporate a few new things into our oral care regime.

Here are the awesome parts of our 3-week oral care challenge:results of our family's 3-week oral care challenge

  • My kids used Smart Rinse for the first time–ever. And they liked it. (Well, one kiddo, more than others. . . )
  • We flossed more times in one 3-week period than ever in our whole lives combined.
  • We learned that it’s okay for the kids to brush without toothpaste (if they so choose) as long as they floss and rinse afterward.
  • My husband and I will continue to purchase Smart Rinse for our family–and we liked the idea of one bottle per person so we can keep track of who’s using it and who is not.
  • The chart with the kids’ initials was a huge hit–they loved using the dry erase marker in the bathroom.

We may never be a floss-happy family. But one thing we learned was the importance of making time for this part of our day, this part of our routine.

And certainly, during this candy-filled month, we’ll take all the help we can get.


fyi: This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Listerine Smart Rinse and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own, influenced only by my three little happy rinsers and my lazy, non-flossing self.




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