st. patty’s day sweet rainbow kabobs

sweet rainbow kabobs | st patty's day treat teachmama.comIt’s no secret that there are more than a few sweet-toothed people living under this roof, so this year we’ll be ringing in St. Patrick’s Day with super-sweet rainbow kabobs!

I loved, loved, loved the sweet St. Patrick’s Day Rainbows that Kate shared earlier this month on Our Best Bites and that I caught on Pinterest.

We’ve played with licorice a bit before, so when I saw the bag of rainbow Twizzlers at the grocery this week, I grabbed them.  And a few marshmallows.  And a bag of Rollos.

But I forgot the cellophane bags, so I had to get creative with Cora.

We put our heads together, and here’s the skinny. . .

  • St. Patty’s Day Sweet Rainbow Kabobs: I’ll admit, that I did try some variations of the totally cute  licorice rainbow.

I had our rainbow pieces, our clouds, and our gold at the end of our rainbow.

But nothing worked.

I tried cutting and tooth-picking and cutting more and squeezing and shoving in a ziplock bag.

sweet rainbow kabobs | st patty's day treat Our rainbow was beautiful. . .

sweet rainbow kabobs | st patty's day treat . . . but we just couldn’t get it to stay put.

And then I tried not cutting and shoving in a fold-and-close bag, but nothing worked.  My bags were too small and nothing would hold in a rainbow shape because of the ziplock zipper thing.

Then I tried using toothpicks again on the bottoms and the top of the rainbow, but it got too pokey.  And my marshmallows kept falling off.

So I opened up a drawer, grabbed some wooden skewers, and turned our rainbows into kabobs.

Woot! An answer!  We love kabobs over here!

sweet rainbow kabobs | st patty's day treat teachmama.comCora, my kitchen helper, puts colors in rainbow order,


sweet rainbow kabobs | st patty's day treat teachmama.comand she counts how many we needed.

Cora helped me with the counting of our rainbow pieces, clouds, and gold.

sweet rainbow kabobs | st patty's day treat teachmama.comour rainbow kabobs. . . gorgeous

sweet rainbow kabobs | st patty's day treat

I said, Okay, we have five people in our family–Daddy, Maddy, Owen, you, and me.  So we need five rainbow kabobs total.    I can cut one Twizzler in half, and that will be perfect for two kabobs.  Let’s think about how many Twizzlers we need for one kabob, and then we can figure out how many Twizzlers we will need total.

The math piece was hard for her, and I didn’t push it. I talked through it as I cut and organized.  She’s almost five, so we counted and counted and I focused instead on using math vocabulary and talking about the order of the colors of the rainbow.

We looked at the rainbow on the plate–our pokey toothpick one–and I asked her to gather one of each color and then to put the colors in order, using our first rainbow as a model.  She did it and with ease; copying the colors and following the pattern is a super-important math skill, though, so I was happy.  Heck, I was happy just hanging in the kitchen with my tiniest, playing with candy. And who wouldn’t be?

Our rainbow kabobs consisted of a half of each color of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, two Rollos for our gold at the end of the rainbow, and two marshmallows for our clouds.  Beautiful.

Were they perfect? Nope.

Was every one the same? Nope.

sweet rainbow kabobs | st patty's day treat teachmama.comBut who really cares when you’re celebrating a happy holiday like St. Patrick’s Day?

When Cora and I surprise Maddy and Owen and my husband with these on Saturday, we’ll all be lucky!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!!

And if you want some more super-fun St. Patty’s Day ideas, check out the two Pinterest boards that I contribute to: St. Patrick’s Day (collaborative board, started by Bern of Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas) and st. patrick’s day (my own!).




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    cute! we’ve done some st. pat’s/rainbow fruity snacks this week and it has really helped my junk food junkie (bridget) to actually eat more fruit! she even asked me to buy more pears! :) thanks again for all your fun ideas!


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