summer learning resources: the round-up & our top choice!

For months now I’ve been itching to create an infographic–a fancy, rockstar infographic that can be shared among friends far and wide.

And the awesomeness of Summer Learning resources out there right now has finally allowed me to do just that.

Check it out:

summer learning infographic teachmama 13

Remember, it’s cool if you do one little, tiny thing with your kids.  It can be overwhelming, I know.

Read with them. You can do that.

In fact, my dear friend Allie McDonald, of No Time For Flashcards is running her 4th Annual Summer Reading Challenge!

So if reading is your thing and you want to win some prizes, log the number of books your family reads, and join in on a super-cool initiative with a super-cool gal (and thousands of other great folks!), check it out!


Still want more? Be sure to check out:

we teach summer ebook

Our top choice?  Hard to say for sure, because it’s a combo of a few things. . .

Our summer plan:

What are you doing this summer?  Let me know in the comments



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