teaching kindness: labor day is neighbor day!

Kindness is contagious. teaching kindness

Really, it is.

And any time we (and I’m talking you, me–anyone!)  can teach our kids to be kind–just for the sake of being kind–is a win in my book.

Being nice lifts spirits. It lightens moods. It feels good.

The earlier we can teach our kids about kindness, the better.

PBS Kids’ Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is celebrating Labor Day as Neighbor Day this year, and I love it.  Neighbor Day is a day to encourage acts of kindness towards neighbors.  The goal? Show kids that one act of kindness leads to many and that kindness feels good.

It’s a super-important message, and I love it.

And thanks to our friends at PBS Kids, one lucky teachmama reader will receive a rockstar Daniel Tiger gift pack full of super-fun Daniel Tiger goodies just for sharing what his or her family has done to celebrate Neighbor Day.  And let’s face it: if you can’t celebrate Neighbor Day on the actual Neighbor Day (Labor Day) no biggie!

In my book, any day is Neighbor Day!

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • Teaching Kindness– Labor Day is Neighbor Day!

We’ve tried to do what we can to teach kindness in our house by:

surprise happy day notes

teach kids to show love

no bullies

But there’s always more we can do.

Which is why I love the idea of Neighbor Day thanks to Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

  • Neighbor Day: On Monday, September 2, Daniel Tiger’s Neighbor Day premiers on PBS Kids. Daniel learns what it is like to do something kind and neighborly and that one act of kindness can lead to many.  YAY! What a happy message!

Check out the PBS Kids site for more activities and ideas: PBS Kids Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

And if your kids are too big for Daniel Tiger?  It doesn’t matter. Just encourage them to do something extra, special and kind on Neighbor Day. You don’t even have to tell them it’s Neighbor Day. Just tell them you’re spreading kindness. It’s contagious.

Want to get in on the Neighbor Day fun like Daniel Tiger? Sure you do!


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fyi: This is an unsponsored post, sharing a message I feel strongly about from a company I can firmly stand behind.  I am a PBS Kids VIP, and I did receive a Daniel Tiger plush toy in exchange for sharing this message. 

As always, my opinions are all my own, influenced only by my experience as a parent and educator–and, of course, my three little loves.




  1. says

    We just discovered Daniel Tiger and already our 2 year old is asking for him when she wakes up in the morning! So fun – I love the idea of neighbor day – we will have to figure out what we want to do for it!

  2. Colleen W says

    Our neighbors are our dear friends. All of the neighbor hood is friends. We take care of each others kids, have bbq’s, and do holiday gifts.

  3. Jennifer Tang says

    This idea is wonderful and so much needed. I often remember when I was a kid there was so much more neighbor to neighbor contact. Now a days it seems every one pulls up in their driveway hits the button for the roll up garage door and hits the button again once they drive in. Appears no one uses their front door anymore and that’s a shame because that’s when you had a chance to see your neighbor’s outside. They way I celebrate neighbor day is by spoiling all the kids on my street with fun games and baking. The kids come over and we bake play games and take goodies to the 3 window ladies on our street. This year we are doing extra we are decorating the 3 windows homes on the outside for Christmas. The older ladies spoke last year of how much they miss their X-mas lights. Even If I don’t win I just want to say love your idea lets pray it spreads acts of kindness all over.

  4. Jill Myrick says

    We always have a block party in our neighborhood in October. Everyone brings a dish, we grill, have games for the kids and other games such as cake walks.
    It has been a tradition for the last twelve years and we love it.


  5. Jemima P says

    This is such a nice idea. We haven’t lived hear very long, so we don’t really know our neighbors, but maybe we’ll introduce ourselves and make some new friends!

  6. Ashley Pichon says

    My husband is a police officer. He came home and told me about an old man who just called 911 to “talk” my kids and I anonymously left a dozen cookies at his door.

  7. Rebecca Lock says

    We try to help out our older neighbors in anyway we can and are there if any of our younger neighbors need us as last minute babysitters.

  8. Laurie Emerson says

    We have several elderly neighbors and we always have a big barbecue and since they are on a limited income we supply everything needed including the food.

  9. kristin sims says

    We have a “lawn day” where four of my neighbors and us get the lawnmowers, trimmers, hedgers, etc. out, and we take care of three of our elderly neighbors lawns each month, thanks!

  10. Leslie L Stanziani says

    My only neighbor is my mom and grandmother.We helped them weed out their rose beds and clean up the property.

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