how to throw a rockstar frozen birthday party—snacks to serve


frozen birthday cake snowball tower is all the rage these days, so it’s no wonder that my Cora wanted a ‘Frozen’ birthday party for her 7th.

So that’s what we did.

Starting last summer, we brainstormed and planned for her birthday.   And then in December, after we saw Frozen, we brainstormed, planned, and then re-planned.

She had to have a Frozen birthday.  She just had to.

And though she had to learn the tough lesson that her whole little world could not come to an at-home Frozen birthday party, she did muddle through.  When you’re almost 7, you have to make some tough decisions, and no, I was not going to throw multiple Frozen birthday parties just so all 40 people on her initial list could attend.

I know—I’m the meanest mom in the world.

So we scoured the internet; we researched and shopped; and we went for it.  We planned what Cora believed would be the best. Frozen. Birthday. Ever.

The perfect Frozen crafts. The perfect Frozen activities. The perfect Frozen birthday sweets and treats.  The perfect Frozen birthday cake.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • How to Throw a Rockstar Frozen Birthday Party: Snacks! 

If you missed the first part of the party–the Frozen crafts and fun–then definitely check it out!

There’s something about the big #7—it seems as though 7-year olds start thinking about their birthday the day they turn 6. Same held true for Cora.

frozen birthday cake snowball tower

frozen birthday cake snowball tower

Our snacks were a huge part of the party because we love to cook and we love to eat.

The menu was simple:

  • ice-cream sundae bar (ice-cream and M & Ms, marshmallows, gummi bears, snowcaps)
  • snowball tower (in lieu of cake)
  • chocolate dipped nilla wafers
  • chocolate dipped pretzels

 Here’s how we made the Frozen snowball tower: 

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And then?

Start dipping, sprinkling, and assembling the rest of your Frozen birthday buffet!

frozen birthday cake snowball tower
frozen birthday cake snowball tower

chocolate dipped nilla wafers & pretzels: Super-simple and so cute!

Grab some meltable chocolate from the store. I like to use a decent brand, and I always get white meltable chocolate along with a color.  This time we used Wilton melting chocolates in light blue and white.

frozen birthday party |

frozen birthday party |

frozen birthday party |

rock candy pops: Though we have made these in the past, we decided not to make them for the party.

Instead, we bought them online.  We bought light blue rock candy and blue raspberry rock candy.  YUM.

frozen birthday party |

Frozen blue punch: We wanted to use our tiny, special, fancy glasses and punch bowl that doesn’t get enough use.

So we went crazy and got blue Hawaiian punch, froze some punch as flower-shaped ice cubes and added regular ice cubes to lessen the sugar content (though okay, I know it didn’t help enough. . . ).

frozen birthday party |

And all in all, it turned out to be one heck of a party!

Kids loved it. Cora loved it.

frozen birthday party |

frozen birthday party |

frozen birthday party |

The kids loved it.

We kept it pretty hands-on, fun to prep, and even more fun to eat.

frozen birthday party |

frozen birthday party |

frozen birthday party |

And when all of the donuts were taken off and the towers were finished?

Wow. Our towers looked a little sad.

frozen birthday party |

This is only one part of the party. . .

Next up? How to throw a rockstar Frozen birthday party–crafts to do


fyi: Thank you to the many people who helped inspire our Frozen birthday party: Brownie Bites, Mom Endeavors, 123 Homeschool 4 Me, The Style Sisters, & more Mom Endeavors. So many great ideas on pinterest–check out our birthday board for a few more!

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  1. Holly says

    I love all of these fun ideas and they are so timely! My kiddos haven’t seen Frozen yet, but I have the movie tucked away and I am planning a special surprise screening on Good Friday. They will love these simple treats. Looking forward to your fun craft ideas.

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