today I am thankful

Today I am I am thankful

The skies have been grey and temperatures frigid for the last three weeks.

Dirty socks and sweatshirts cover my kids’ floors.

There was too much yelling and not enough hugging today before the kids left for school.

Our bathrooms are embarrassing, and the laundry smells stale in the washer.

We’ve totally dropped the ball on Owen’s Moon Project homework.  We still have to find a biography for his reading assignment.

I can barely squeeze past the junk in our overflowing garage.  Calling the Purple Heart for pick-up has been on my to-do list for days.

The back yard is an ugly mix of melting snow, mud, and never-raked leaves, which means muddy dog paws every time he goes out.

I need to send my Nana more cards and letters.

I haven’t called my parents enough.

I haven’t Facetimed my sisters like I said I would.

I’m anxious about taxes–already–because I am embarrassed to hand over my pile of unorganized receipts, invoices, and papers to my accountant. And I promised myself I’d be better this year.

I’m nervous that our chick eggs won’t make it. We spent hours yesterday chasing down our friends with power so we could the incubator at 99.5°.  Out of seven eggs, how many will hatch?

Our favorite neighbors are moving this spring.  Two homes on our street are in foreclosure.

today I am thankful yesterday  teachmama

I barely recognize my body anymore. I need to exercise more and eat fewer Cheetos.

I’m tired. Really tired.

My husband is carrying so much new stress this year. I worry for his heart every day.

I need to do more to show my nieces and nephews how much I love them.

I need to be a better friend. Why don’t I call, email, text–check in–with those people who have been staples in my life for so long?

Maddy wants to read The Hunger Games and watch Pretty Little Liars–and I’m just not ready.

I never make my kids floss or help them brush their teeth anymore.  I have to go to the dentist.

We don’t have much in our savings account.  We should have more in our kids’ college accounts.

I worry that I am not doing enough to prepare our kids for this digital world.

Every, single plant I’ve ever had dies within a month.  I have two sitting here now that need to be trashed.

I wonder if I should keep blogging and writing or head back to the classroom.

I don’t know anymore how to handle our youngest, and I worry I’m screwing her up–and our family up–for the long run.

I need to refocus. Write down goals.

Make missed deadlines.

Answer emails.

Take photos, follow my editorial calendar, write blog posts, edit photos, schedule tweets, updates, pins, and likes.

Answer emails.

This. Is. Hard.

today I am thankful teachmama

But really? I am thankful.

I am thankful because I am here.

I am thankful because I will move through the angry winter and will greet my three little loves with smiles and hugs when I pick them up after school.

I am thankful because one day the bathrooms will be cleaned and eventually the laundry will be done.

I am thankful because tonight we’ll catch up with Owen’s Moon Project, and this weekend we’ll hunt down a biography. Somewhere.

I am thankful because I have a garage and the space for extra stuff and a phone to call Purple Heart and the internet connection to find the phone number. 

I am thankful for a soupy, swampy back yard where I’ve watched my kids learn to walk, swing, and slide, and where I will continue to watch them grow and play. I am thankful for a sweet and fuzzy dog whose muddy paws I will clean until I have to carry him indoors myself.

I am thankful that my Nana will forgive me for unsent letters and not enough calls and that she’ll welcome me any time–any time–to come over, sit with her, and listen to her stories. Even if she doesn’t realize she’s repeating them more times than I wish.

I am thankful that I will see my parents and sisters soon–whenever that may be–and that we will eat lots, drink more, hug hard, and laugh loudly.

I am thankful for my job that has allowed me to have all of these wandering receipts and contracts and forms from travel and opportunity. And I’m thankful that I have this year, today even, to try to be better at this part of my business.

I am thankful for my job that has allowed me to create something out of nothing.

I am thankful for friends and readers and subscribers and followers.  People who I have come to know and love from near and far who actually like what I write and appreciate what I share.

I am thankful for our neighbors who keep an eye on us from across the street, who surprise us with home-cooked meals and goodies from El Salvador and who call me when I forget to put my garage door down.

today I am thankful tomorrow teachmama

I am thankful to own a home in a neighborhood where we can walk to school, walk to the pool, and walk to the park.

I am thankful for my stubborn, strong body that has carried me across continents, through chapters, and into parenthood.  I am thankful for every single mile I’ve walked and for the miles I have yet to go.

I am thankful for sweatpants, glasses, cozy slippers, and at-home movie nights.

I am thankful for my patient, smart, and gentle husband who holds my hand, laughs at my jokes, and reminds me to turn up the music and dance more.

I am thankful for each one of my nieces and nephews–their smiles, hugs, runny noses, laughs, and tiny voices.

I am thankful for my elementary school friends who have known me so long they are a part of my heart.  I am thankful for my college friends who shared a part of my life that was crazy, confusing, and unforgettable. I am thankful for my mom friends who are walking with me through a part of my life now that is harder than I ever imagined but that is more fun than I ever thought it could be.

I am thankful that today I could call any one of them. I am thankful that in a heartbeat we can hear each other’s voices and pick up where we left off.

I am thankful that I have a gorgeous daughter who is determined and strong and wise and kind.

I am thankful that I have an amazing son who is sensitive and sweet, aware, and always thinking.

I am thankful that I have another incredible daughter who is smart, creative, cautious, and loving.

I am thankful for our perfectly imperfect life.

I am thankful that my dentist will still schedule our appointments, even though I openly admit to not making my kids floss.

I am thankful for our jobs and my husband’s steady income. I am thankful that we can put food on the table and clothes on our backs, buy new shoes for the kids and replace lost mittens.

I am thankful for student loans.

I am thankful that I know where to go to get information about keeping my kids safe online, and I’m am thankful that I still have time to help them.

I am thankful that my mom has a green thumb and that the plants at her house are beautiful. And even though I can’t keep my own, at least I can see them when I am at her house.

I am thankful that I have the choice to keep blogging or to go back to the classroom.

I am thankful that our family has help with the issues we’re facing and that the road looks brighter ahead.

I am thankful that I have deadlines to miss and emails to answer.

I am thankful that I have a great equipment to use for my work and that I know how to use it.

I am thankful.

I am thankful for yesterday. I am thankful for today.

And I am thankful for tomorrow.


for susan


Let’s be thankful.

Let’s continue to celebrate our friend.

Let’s do what we can, no matter what that may be.



thank you to the talented Marty Long for this song




  1. says

    I hear you, my friend! Today I was thankful for finally feeling better but so sad that I made my youngest sick. But you know what? I’m thankful for the fact that I can be home with him, reading books, snuggling, and taking care of him in his time of need and as hard as it is to be behind on work after being sick, I know I’m truly thankful for the life I lead, the friends I have, and the love I constantly feel in this world. Thanks for such a beautiful post and for being a friend who I know I can always call so we can pick up where we left off. xo today and always.

    • says

      Awwwh, thank you, Leticia. I am so glad you’re feeling better and wish you weren’t hit so hard this week. Thank YOU for your super-kind words and thank you for being one of my most amazing friends ever. xoxo

  2. Brandy says

    Of all your posts I’ve read, and I’ve read them all, this is by far my favorite. Every word, from beginning to end, is like a mirror of my own life. Same worries, but also the same thankfulness. Thank you.

    • says

      Brandy. I KNOW you are my longtime reader and friend, and I was thinking of YOU when I wrote that part–really. I am grateful for you. One day we’ll hangout in real life, I know. We live parallel lives in so many ways. xoxo

  3. says

    I am thankful that a conference call with Hooked On Phonics brought you into my life .You lead with your heart and that is something more people should do. You also always have candy to share , again I wish more people would follow your lead on that one.

    love to you today and everyday.

    • says

      awwwwh, Allie, my sweet friend. I am SO thankful for that long-ago call, too. And I’m thankful 5 years later to have a bloggy sister like you who, though we are miles apart, feels like you’re right next door. So happy to have you on this adventure with me. xoxo

  4. Holly says

    Thanks for the thoughtful post, Amy. Everyday is a gift. So glad you’ve shared your gifts and talents with other parents over the years! I have read (not kidding) every word and am a better parent for it. Thanks again!

    • says

      Holly–thank YOU for reading, my friend. Yes, every single day is a gift. Sometimes, though, we a kick to remember it! :) You are AMAZING to read every word of my blog–really?? bc if so, you are a better teachmama fan than my husband, sisters, or parents!!–. . . thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. You’re the reason I keep writing. xoxo

  5. says

    i am thankful for your post because it reminds me that there are two sides to everything and that i get to choose if i want to be happy or mad about things. i am thankful for your post because it reminds me that everyone has problems, issues and frustrations — not just me! i am thankful for your post because you made my day brighter.

  6. vane says

    Great post! I’m thankful because I just regained my health. I’m thankful I can raise my kids and teach them about thanksgiving. I’ve been looking for books to do taut and just found the cutest book: Thankful For Today (picture book on kindle).

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