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Since last fall, I’ve had little writing centers in both Maddy and Owen’s bedrooms, and I’ve really been surprised at how well they’ve worked out. It is rare if either Maddy or Owen actually sleep during their rest time, so they usually work on puzzles, play dolls, line up cars, or whatever they want–something quiet.

Once Maddy started expressing an interest in writing, it spread to Owen, so I thought that I’d create something simple for both of them to use in their rooms–something that wasn’t permanent, could be moved from place to place, and something that could be cleaned up and changed around easily. Cora’s still too young to have a free reign of markers when she wanders into their rooms, even if the markers are washable.

Maddy’s writing center
  • Writing Centers: I picked up some inexpensive bins in the craft store dollar section, and I filled them with tons of cool writing accessories.

In each of their bins are:

washable Crayola markers, washable Crayola crayons, (and in Owen’s) washable Crayola Jumbo crayons;

pencils and erasers (some have grips);

different sizes of paper–some with thick lines, some thin, some colored construction, some plain;

two sizes of envelopes;

letter chartsthe Alphabingo lowercase letters and an awesome letter-sound chart that I found thanks to my blogging pal, Denise;

family namesan easy list of the people in our family, written in uppercase letters for Owen and lowercase for Maddy (although they each have a copy of both). I glued a picture of each of us next to our names to make it easy for them to learn and remember;

a coloring book or two or three. . .

And that’s it. Some days they use their writing centers, and some days they don’t. Some days I sit with either Maddy or Owen for a bit, if they want to write a letter to someone and need help with the words. Sometimes we then mail the letters, and sometimes we forget.

Other days Owen will call me to the steps, and there will be a little envelope sitting there with ‘MOMMY’ written on it. Sometimes it’s filled with a Matchbox car, or a sock, or maybe a crayon, and other days it’s a picture. Depends on the day.

I count it as a little bit of learning no matter what’s inside.

fyi: Want a few letter charts to download? Check these out:




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