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thank you tray

This year, because I know just how much time, effort, and energy goes into preparing a meal for tons of family members, I wanted to do something a little special for the two people who will be preparing our Thanksgiving meals.

Nothing fancy or over-the-top–just a little ‘thank you’ from the grandchildren to their amazing Grandma and Nanny for all that they do for the kids.  I worked with the kids to create wooden ‘thank you’ trays as a way to say thanks for all that Grandma and Nanny do for us–all of us.

Wooden ‘thank you’ trays are a step above cards, because they took a wee bit longer from start to finish.  But that means they will last longer, too.

And the great thing about this craft is that it really gave the kids a chance to realize that their Grandma and Nanny are all sorts of awesome.  And it utilized some things we had around the house, in particular a few of those infamous wooden trays from our many Melissa & Doug toys.

It’s a quick ‘thank you’ crafty craft for the kids while you hide away (right) in the kitchen for the next few hours doing those last-minute preparations. Or while you finish laundry and pack bags.

Or maybe you can gather some supplies and let the kids at it as a pre-meal activity tomorrow with their cousins and aunts and uncles so the grownups can chat (or get dinner ready. . . ).

wooden thank you trays

Not only do wooden ‘thank you’ trays allow children to do some important reflection during a reflective holiday, but it also gives a new use for your trays from stamp sets, magnetic dolls, or craft sets.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • Wooden Thank You Trays–Recycled Toy Love: I love finding new uses for items we have around the house. And I especially love it when we can use these recycled items as gifts or as tokens of love or appreciation.

I wrote about wooden ‘thank you’ trays over on the Melissa & Doug blog this week, and I’d love for you to check it out.

wooden thank you trays

Owen works hard on the finishing touches of his ‘thank you’ tray.

These trays are a way of recycling well-loved toys–or a part of them. And I love it.

So if your stamp sets, art sets, or doll sets have found their way into a big plastic bin (which sometimes happens, I know), then here’s a great way of creating some recycled toy love.

Tough it seems like an incredibly involved craft, it does not need to be.

But with a little brainstorming. . .

. . . some talking and planning. . .

wooden thank you trays

Maddy finalizes her ‘thank you’ tray, and the ‘how-to’ and

where to start can be found on Melissa & Doug blog–Wooden ‘Thank You’ Trays.

. . . some painting, sticking, and gluing. . .

. . . and with some finalizing with a little blingy Mod Podge or glue. . .

. . . it’s an effort well worth it when the kids hand their gift of thanks to the ones they love.

Happy, happy, happy Thanksgiving to you all.  Eat lots of turkey, lots of pie, and have lots of laughs!

And an extra huge and happy thanks to my mother-in-law and my own mom who are two of the most amazing, incredible, caring, and kind women I know. Yes, my father-in-law and my own dad are also pretty great, but I’m thinking about the ladies because they’re the ones who work the hardest on making Thanksgiving–and every holiday–extra special, extra fun, and memorable for all of us. Love you all!

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fyi: I wrote this post as part of the Melissa & Doug Blog Ambassador program.   I’m thankful for Melissa & Doug for always creating great, smart products for children of all ages, and I’m grateful for the way that they have opened up the company to work with bloggers in the last year. Many thanks, guys!




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      thanks, Carolyn!! no problem–ever! have a super and relaxed Thanksgiving, hopefully surrounded by loving friends and family!


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