Start your blog. Write your story. Share your story.

Blog Building POWER Workshop will get you started on the right foot by an expert who really KNOWS the blogging space.

Tuesday, 9/22/15, 6:30-9:30pm

Workshops will be held in the Olney Community Room in the Buffington Building:

The Buffington/RE/MAX Building Community Room | 3300 Olney-Sandy Spring Rd |  Olney, MD 20832  |  6:30-9:30pm  |

TELL your story.  SHARE your story.


part 1: BLOG BUILDING -- tell your story

  • The PLAN: welcome & why we’re here
  • Step back: blogs; your purpose; your plan
  • Blog baby steps: basics; set-up; bio; social
  • Blog posts-- content is KING: structure; SEO; photos; ed cal
  • Back end: settings; back-up 

part 2: BLOG POWER -- share your story

  • Branding: blog audit; appearance; social; bio
  • Spreading the word: twitter; pinterest; facebook; instagram; youtube
  • Establishing your name: associations; LinkedIn; reliability
  • Growing readership: online; offline; consistency; guest posting
  • Beyond the blog: other print media


  • Three PACKED hours of everything you need to know to get your blog off the ground running!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015  |  6:30-9:30pm

Workshops will be held in the Olney Community Room in the Buffington Building:

The Buffington/RE/MAX Building Community Room | 3300 Olney-Sandy Spring Rd |  Olney, MD 20832  |  6:30-9:30pm  |

Attend a life-changing workshop for $150!

That's right. Attend THE workshop of the year. Learn the basics about blogging, set up your own blog, and then learn how to share it. All for $150.

  • learn the basics

    Start your own blog right there and then.

  • write your story

    Learn how to make your content KING.

  • share your story

    Learn how to share your story with others.

Start your OWN blog today!

Write your story. Share your story.

You don't want to miss this opportunity!

Amy Mascott aka Teachmama gave me so much insight that I'd been looking for to start my blog.  There is so much information on the web, but I needed to learn more about practical applications and start up of my blog.  I could see that others as well as myself walked away with the knowledge and tools we needed to get going.  I can't recommend her and her Blog Buildng Workshop enough.  If you've ever thought about blogging, Amy's workshop is an absolute must.  I wish I had taken her workshop sooner.  I've spent a year trying to figure out what she gave me in just a few short hours.

Jackie Confrey, Awesome Life Lessons With Jackie
  • wants to start a blog;
  • wants to learn more about blogging;
  • has started blogging but got stuck;
  • has thought about blogging but needs a kick start;
  • needs help getting moving with a blogging idea;
  • has questions about blogging;
  • has some sort of expertise he/she wants to share with the world;
  • has a story to tell!
  • wants to learn how to leverage social media platforms--twitter, facebook, pinterest, and instagram--to promote his/ her blog.

frequently asked questions:

What will I need to bring?  

Bring a laptop so you can set up your blog, create, and design during the workshop.

It's affordable but still expensive for me. Can you help me make this work?

Absolutely. I'm more than willing to make sure that everyone who wants to attend these workshops can do so. Please feel free to email me directly to talk about it:

What about if I'm the least tech-savvy person in the world?

It's okay. We still want you to attend the workshops because we promise you'll get this. It's not rocket science, and you can do it.  Promise.

I can't make one of the workshops. Are you doing the same thing on both days? 

YES, yes, YES!! Same exact workshop both days--so you choose the date that works for you. If you need more, you can always sign up for a Blog Building Consult or a Personal Blog Audit--just for a little more one-on-one consultation and time.

I've already started a blog. Should I still attend these workshops?

Absolutely. Even if you've started your blog, I can help make sure you are on the right track before you get too far!

What blog platform will you be working on? 

If you haven't yet started a blog, we'll start you on a blog; however, don't sweat it if you've already started on blogger, wix, squarespace, etc. I've worked with most platforms and can help you regardless!

My child wants to start a blog. How old do you have to be to attend these workshops?  

Most blog and social media platforms' Terms of Service (TOS) require that users be at least 13 years old, so we will also follow that age as a requirement for attendance. If your child is tech savvy and is older than 13, I'd be happy to teach him/her how to start a blog, but you, as the parent, must attend as a paying student as well so you know exactly what we're doing and can guide and support your child at home.

Any other questions? Contact Amy at

Friends. This is a super-low price, so don't miss out!

Need something more than what we're offering? Check out other consulting options.

As a state-certified Reading Specialist and former high school English teacher, I know first hand how to share information in a fun and engaging way, making sure that all blog-newbies will get what they need at these workshops.  For the last 7 years, I've blogged at and have done dozens of local and national speaking engagements.  I currently anchor the Scholastic Parents Raise a Reader blog, and I’ve written posts for dozens and dozens of sites including The Huffington Post, Melissa & Doug Playtime Press,, Sylvan's Mom Minded blog,, and more. My first book will be published in 2016; it’s all about how to raise a rockstar reader! -Amy Mascott, influencer  ||  writer  ||  speaker