a 90 minute, interactive webinar for parents || preparing children for Kindergarten

Don't Send Your Child to Kindergarten Before Doing This Home Study!!

In this unique and interactive 90-minute webinar, you will learn all of the skills you need to prepare your child for Kindergarten and success in school.

We're calling it a "Home Study" because before and after the webinars, there will be a chance to try techniques on your own at home!

MAKE THIS SUMMER COUNT! You want to do everything you can to make sure your child meets with success in Kindergarten and beyond!

only 18 spots LEFT-- act quickly!
Our last webinar sold out in 3 days!
Secure a spot in the June webinar NOW for only $47!

Having sent three of my own children off to the wilds of elementary school, I know how stressful and anxiety-producing this step can be. I know how worried you feel and how hard it seems. How the day seems so far off, but yet it feels like it’s tomorrow.


But I also know what parents can—and should—do to prepare children for this important life event. Little things—quick tricks for sneaking some learning into your child’s every day that really count. Activities that will really, truly help prepare your child for Kindergarten.


Secure a spot in the June webinar NOW for only $47!!

Home Study is Monday, June 8, 2015 at 5pm PST/ 8 pm EST!

Mark your calendar with our ONE 90 minute Home Study date: 6/8/15

Home Study is Monday, June 8, 2015 at 5pm PST/ 8 pm EST!

During this LIVE WEBINAR and HOME STUDY, you will:

  • 1

    LEARN what your child really needs to know before entering Kindergarten;

  • 2

    PRACTICE real, hands-on ways to build those foundational skills from the ground up;

  • 3

    ESTABLISH greater communication among your family members;

  • 4

    BUILD stronger relationships with your child;

  • 5

    GROW more confident in your abilities as a teacher for your child;

  • 6

    PREPARE a child or success in Kindergarten and beyond!


This Home Study is for YOU-- parents of children who want to make sure that their child is prepared for Kindergarten. Parents who want to take advantage of the long summer days and use them to pave the way for a solid, strong start to school!

Secure a spot in the June webinar NOW for only $47!!

SPECIAL BONUSES worth over $120!

Participants of the teach mama Home Study will walk away with:

  • eBook: preparing kids for Kindergarten--20+ resources for fun learning

    20+ printables that support reading, writing, thinking and learning.  Activities here will keep your child learning–and having fun!–all summer long! (value: $9.97)

  • 4- and 8- week activity planners

    Planners that will help you stay focused and intentional in your time with your kids! These planners will get you through the summer and more! (value: $9.97)

  • personal support for Home Study participants

    Five participants will be chosen for a group google hangout where, for 60 minutes, we will share ideas, talk through difficulties, answer questions, offer new ideas, and continue the learning! (value: $125!)

  • a chance to win one of 3 Melissa & Doug prize packs

    The good people from Melissa & Doug totally stand behind this workshop and will send 3 lucky participants a prize pack of goodies to keep your child’s learning fresh and fun through the summer!

thumbs up from Melissa & Doug!

I’ve worked with Melissa & Doug for over 5 years now, and I have used their products with my students and my own 3 children. My friends at Melissa & Doug so see the value of my work though this home study that they’re sending 3 prize packs of  products to 3 lucky participants support their learning. I love it!

Thank you, Melissa & Doug!

What others are saying about Amy's WORKSHOPS:

The Teach Mama Kindergarten prep Home Study provided a roadmap to help me prepare my son for Kindergarten.  Before this home study, I was unaware of the skills required for Kindergarten.  Not only did Amy provide engaging and easy to implement ideas to help me teach my son the concepts he will need to be more successful, but she also helped me make a plan to fit learning into our hectic and, sometimes, chaotic schedules.  I’m now able to plan and execute purposeful learning activities, and he thinks we’re just playing.  The Teach Mama Kindergarten Prep home study is a must for any parent.

-Mandy Laubach mom of 1, English Department Chair

I participated in Amy’s workshop during a Mocha Moms meeting a few years back, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I was feeling anxious about sending my son to Kindergarten because I wanted to make sure he was as prepared as possible. Amy gave me hands-on activities to do with him just about any time I needed them. She helped me fit a little bit of sneaky, fun learning for him on the sidelines during his sister’s track practice, in the dance studio waiting room, and even in the car on the way to activities.

I WISH I would have had a ‘home study’ like this before my oldest went off to school!

--Stacey Ferguson, chief curator, Blogalicious, & working mom of 3

I heard Amy speak a few years ago, and was inspired!  I immediately started implementing a few of her ideas, and 3 years later, am still using them and my girls love them!  I’ve been telling friends about them, and recently invited her to speak at our monthly meeting, and everyone raved about it.  I love having educational and fun ways to teach and entertain my kids.

--Kristen Miller government employee, mom of 3

The kindergarten home study I did with Amy Mascott helped me with many day to day practicals I can use to help my little guy be ready for the fall! Even just fun ideas for keeping him learning through the summer! Everyone should take the time to learn from Teach Mama. Thank you Amy!

--Alayna Wetherhead
Mom of 1, social media manager

I was so lucky to snag a spot in‘s fabulous parent education workshop. Amy Mascott skillfully and enjoyably led me and the other parents in attendance in an eye-opening session about the use of cutting edge technologies to give our children the best support in their education journeys.

We learned time-saving and sanity-bringing tips and tricks to make our homes education stations, supporting our kids' learning at school and their classroom teachers. It was amazing -- I cannot believe she jammed so much creativity and learning into two hours!

The tools I gleaned from the workshop help me daily in my guiding of my three kids' homework, projects, reading and overall school management. TeachMama helped me grow as a mom and as a educational specialist in my own home.

I went to my first workshop of Amy’s last year and it was so helpful. She was so full of information to organize and simplify our everyday activities! She has been a real help and inspiration to me as a mom and small business owner!!

--Kim Spurry Beach Body Coach, mom of 2

I personally guarantee if you make a diligent effort to use just a few of the techniques in this Home Study, you'll see your child’s literacy and math foundational skills advancing right before your eyes. Seriously—growth and changes you never would have seen without this course. If you don't, I'll refund the entire cost of the course. Actually, you get double protection. Here's how. At any time during the 12 months, if you sincerely feel I fell short in any way on delivering everything I promised, I'll be happy to give you a complete refund. Even if it's on the last day of the twelfth month! This guarantee extends for 1 year.

Secure a spot in the June webinar NOW for only $47!!

Act NOW. Only 18 spots remain!


  • q-iconYou said you're limiting this Home Study to 25 participants. Why only 25??

    We’re keeping it small so that every person gets the attention he or she needs, so follow-up is effective, and so more children are better prepared for school!

    I really want to get to know each participant and learn about your family and child so that I can most adequately prepare for the courses, answer questions, and provide you with ample support!

  • q-icon$67 seems pricey for this Home Study. Is it worth the investment?

    That depends.  How are things going for you right now? What have you done to prepare your child for school up to this point? Does he or she seem ready? Do you feel confident that you are doing all you can to carve out time each and every day for learning opportunities?  How are you sure that what you are doing is aligned with what kids are expected to know in Kindergarten?  If you are super impressed with your child’s skill-set and you can hardly keep up with his or her requests for games and activities, then maybe this Home Study is not for you. But if you think about it, $67 is a small investment for the skills you will learn as a parent-teacher and for the information you will gain for preparing your child for success in Kindergarten and beyond.

  • q-icon1 90-minute interactive webinar will teach me all I need to prepare my child for school? I don't buy it.

    Believe me–I can’t teach you everything you need to know to prepare your child for Kindergarten in 90 minutes, or I’d be a miracle worker. However, I can totally pack a ton of information into these webinars, and I can couple that with a ton of resources that you can use to continue the learning. I can work with you to move through the kinks and help you find the best ways of reaching your children. And did I tell you about the BONUSES? There are some really huge bonuses for this Home Study, one of which is 30 minutes of private consulting with me. I’ll personally help you with anything you need as far as preparing your child for Kindergarten is concerned.

I want to join the teach mama Home Study and make sure my child is ready for Kindergarten!

Reserve my spot in the teachmama Home Study NOW!

As a state-certified Reading Specialist and former high school English teacher, I know first hand how to develop the skills necessary for success in reading, using these strategies for my own three children.

I have worked with countless students over the years, privately tutoring them, assessing their reading skills, and building their confidence and skills in reading.  For the last 7 years, I've shared ideas on and have done dozens of local and national speaking engagements.

I’ve worked with a local charter school here in DC to help design their reading programs, and I anchor the Scholastic Parents Raise a Reader blog. My first book will be published in 2016; it’s all about how to raise a rockstar reader!

-Amy Mascott,

influencer  ||  writer  ||  speaker

Registration is NOW open!Our first workshop sold out in less than 3 days! Spaces will sell out quickly -- act now!