april fools’ tricks 

for last-minute prankster parents

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I’ve got seven for you–seven pretty easy pranks that will be great for most families with kids who are a little bit older.

1. Brownies for Lunch

I simply printed out two pages of our ‘brownies’, cut them apart, and wrapped them in foil. At lunch on April Fools’ Day, Maddy, Owen, and Cora will open up their ‘treat’ and have a big surprise!

2. Basketball Hoop Plug

All I did was lower the hoop, stand on a chair, and use packing tape to secure plastic wrap to the rim.

3. Banded Hairbrushes

Maddy and Cora always brush without looking, and tear through their knotty hair. So this little trick will stop them in their tracks a little. Maybe.

4. Hidden Chargers

I gathered all the charges, and shoved them in a fancy, little bag. And the really funny thing is that I’m going to keep the bag right on the table, just as it is, to see who actually notices and who then saves the day.

5. Removed Batteries

Even though Wednesdays are ‘unplugged’ days for us, another techy-trick I played is the ole battery removal trick. Nothing fancy, friends.

6. Water Sports Drinks

So as a trick, I refilled the bottles. Three of them.With water and a drop of our bright neon food coloring.  Just a few drops in each, and then I shook them up really good.


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