help kids stay in touch with friends when school’s out:

autograph sheet

I’m totally psyched to begin our Smart Summer Challenge this year, I’m also always a little sad when the school year ends.

This year, especially I feel like I’m having a difficult time as Maddy moves into the wilds of middle school leaving Owen and Cora behind in elementary school.

Help Kids Stay in Touch With Friends When School’s Out–Autograph Sheet: 

This is a super-easy and fun sheet, and the emphasis here is that kids will write their phone number or address so that they can communicate over the summer.

If kids are old enough and their parents permit it, then hopefully kids can write down their email address or instagram name.

Download the printable

It’s simple and easy. And when I showed the kids today, they were pretty happy.

How do you keep kids connected with their pals over the summer? It’s not easy–so I’m open for ideas and suggestions!

Do you want them to do a little ‘thank you’ writing to their teachers? Definitely check out this post over on Scholastic Parents:


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