christmas eve tradition:


Christmas Eve Tradition–Family Pajamas: By Christmas Eve, everything is settled. Everything is ready.

This favorite family tradition involves giving a little gift to each other before the big day arrives–before Santa takes a trip down our dirty chimney to bring gifts to our littles.

It’s simple, but it’s become a well-anticipated tradition: Family Pajamas.

But we are a family who enjoys opening–and wearing–a special, new pair of pj’s on Christmas Eve.  They’re usually not that Christmasy, but they’re usually picked especially for each person.

So after baths are taken and after teeth are brushed, each of us opens a special gift–and we all know exactly what it will be: pajamas.

As grateful as we are for the time we spend with both families, I think we’ve all come to really enjoy the time on Christmas Eve with our little immediate family–nothing special, nothing crazy–just time together.

We sit in front of the tree, lights on, and house warm.   And we try to settle anxious bellies and clear the space in front of the hearth.


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