halloween class party:

10 quickie activities for that extra 10 minutes

If you just need a quickie 10-minute activity for the beginning or end of the party, then you’re in the right place.

1. What is it?

Place an object inside a box or a bag and allow each student to place his or her hand in to feel the item but not actually see the item.

2.  Memory Tray

Place 5-10 items on a tray in the front of the room. Make sure all students can see the items. Then cover the items with a sheet. Have the students write down all the items they remember.

3.  Telephone

Also known as “Whisper Down the Alley” this game involves passing a message between an entire group of people.

The goal is to have the message pass through the entire group without error, but very seldom does that happen!

4.  Crossword or Word Search

You can’t go wrong with some Halloween crosswords or word searches, so I always love to have a few of these printed out and ready to go for class parties.

5. Hangman . . . or. . . PumpkinMan

Man, I wish this game went by another name, but really, most kids know it as ‘Hangman’.For Halloween, play it as PumpkinMan and see what the kids think.


Squiggly Line
Squiggly Line