halloween party ideas for kids and classrooms

Here’s everything you need for a rockstar Halloween class party.

1. Get in touch with the teacher.  

Tell him or her that you are the Room Parent and that you’re ready to rock this party. (Just kidding. . . )

2. Send out a class letter. 

Send a note introducing yourself and asking for H-E-L-P. I like to have a little part on the paper where parents can cut (or rip) and send back to me telling me how they are able to help.

Feel free to use our letter–just change it for your own dates/ info: halloween party letter BLANK  or a word doc: halloween party letter BLANK

3. Send out a second class letter requesting contact information. 

Some parents might not return the letter because they’re not able to help with the party, and that’s cool.

A party plan. Because for all of the parent helpers and the classroom teacher, they need to know what’s going on.

4. Make a plan.

Delegate if you are able because some parents really want a job to do; they like to pick up water bottles, prizes, or cupcakes, so let them!

5. Get everything you need for the party.


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