how to play bunco:

super fun gno (girls’ night out)

This month has been dedicated to spending time with friends–cultivating old friendships, spending time with current friends, and appreciating all the great people in my life.

How to Play Bunco (A Super Fun GNO–Girls’ Night Out):

First things first.  You need a group.

I was lucky in that we already had a Bunco group from a few years back, so I started with that list.

To play Bunco, you need:

-  dice (you’ll need about - -  twelve dice total) -  a bell -  score sheets -  table -  pens or pencils

Grab our score sheets 

You’ll need the Score Cards which are printed two per sheet. And if you choose to share–which we hope you do!–please link to this post and not the attachment page! Thank you!

The printables have enough for six tables, though that means you’ll have a really big group. You may only need three or four tables.

Remember, that the fun part about Bunco is the prizing. Everyone pays $5 to play! And then, after all of the games are played, count the pot.


Squiggly Line
Squiggly Line