how to play bunco with FAMILIES

On an off for years now, we’ve played Bunco with our family.At family gatherings, after the little ones had gone to bed, the adults rocked out a little Bunco fun.

How to Play Bunco With FAMILIES:

To play Bunco, you need:

-  dice (you’ll need about twelve dice total) -  a bell -  score sheets -  table -  pens or pencils

Grab our score sheets and table cards here, and make sure that you print enough!

You’ll need the Family Score Cards which are printed two per sheet.

And you’ll need Table Cards.

You may only need three or four tables, and our printables have you covered through six tables.

The best way to teach kids to play Bunco is by showing them–it gets too confusing when you try to go through the rules.

So take a minute and show them a sample table, how each person rolls and adds and scores, and then you’ll be good to go!


Squiggly Line
Squiggly Line