let’s help teachers clear their lists!

With Back-to-School season nearly in full swing, every teacher I know has school on the mind.

Classroom organization and set-up can be incredibly stressful for teachers.

If they already know what they will be teaching, educators are thinking about where they will be teaching.

What does “Clear the List” mean?

“Clear the List” means that we, as a community, do what we can to support education by purchasing some of the items on teacher wishlists. That’s it.

Who started the “Clear the List” movement?

Courtney Jones, an elementary school teacher in Texas, started the #ClearTheList movement in 2019, and since then, tons of celebrities and brands have jumped on board.

What celebrities have supported #ClearTheList ?

Chrissy Teigen, Casey Donahew, Lance Bass, Luke Combs, Angela Kinsey, Khloé Kardashian, U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, Jessica Alba, Ashley Hesseltine, and Ellen to name a few.

We have thousands of educators who receive our weekly Take 5 News, and they’ve shared their lists.

I’m sure that you have friends, family, or neighbors who are teachers. Ask around if anyone has a Teacher Wish List that they would like to share.


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