minute to win it class party:

organized, planned, and super-fun

We have been all about Minute to Win it this year after we rocked out a Minute to Win It Family Game Night a few months ago, so when I asked Owen what he wanted to do for his Valentine’s Day class party, without hesitation, he said, Minute to Win It!!

So I started thinking about how we could make this work for a classroom filled with 24 fourth graders. It definitely would be vastly different from our little, at-home 10-person family gathering.

Minute to Win It Class Party — Organized, Planned, and Super-Fun:

The most important thing is to have every little last bit of the party planned out so that there’s little to no confusion on party day.

Before anything, talk to the teacher. 

You want to make sure that you and the teacher are on the same page and that you know his or her expectations, ideas, and party requirements.

Then develop a plan. 

If you’re Room Parenting solo, then you brainstorm the plan. But if you’ve got a co-parent, then work together to figure out what will work best.

Here are our ideas for the Valentine’s Day Minute to Win it Class Party:

If you want this whole party as a quickie download, grab it now!

Divide class of 24 students into 6 groups of 4 using heart stickers. 

And then make sure you have a parent at each station. Here are the cards we’ll use at each station.


Squiggly Line
Squiggly Line