musical hearts: 

reading, moving, & crazy-fun kid game

The snow and freezing cold temps has cause my three kids to be on energy overload lately. They need to burn steam. They need to run, jump, skip, hop, spin, and then do it all again.

So when I was looking for some cool indoor games for us to play in the down time between school and homework, I stumbled upon my dear friend Allie’s Musical Hearts game.

Musical Hearts– Reading, Moving, and Crazy-Fun Kid Game:

I wrote my actions on the fly, thinking about what I both wanted my kids to read and what I wanted them to do. I wanted simple but fun. And I wanted Cora, Owen, and Maddy to be able to play.

I said, Hey, you guys, after your snack I’d like for you to try out something that I found online that I think will be a lot of fun. I know you haven’t had recess outside lately, so this will get us up and moving.  Who’s game?

Maddy’s nose was buried in a book, so she sat this one out–for a bit. Cora and Owen dropped their snacks, jumped down from their stools at the snack bar.

we play just like Musical Chairs–except this is called Musical Hearts. And there are no chairs. Instead, there are hearts with little messages underneath.

When the music stops, you flip your heart and do what’s on the other side. Get it? They did. We played and played and played.


Squiggly Line
Squiggly Line