how to teach kids to write number 5

Many, many children I know have a difficult time learning to write number five.

Actually many children I know have a difficult time writing many of the numbers because they don’t have many opportunities to write them like they do with letters.

I think that especially when kiddos turn five–and when they’re ready to head to Kindergarten–it’s important that they know how to write ‘their’ number.

Five is a big year–at least it is in our house.  It means preschool is nearly over.  It means Kindergarten is around the corner

This Quick Trick focuses on a silly little way that we teach our kids to remember how to write that sometimes tricky numero cinco.

Giving kiddos many, many opportunities to practice writing both letters and numbers is key to having them meet with success.

Lots of practice, many varied techniques, and making it all silly–and fun!–so they don’t even realize they’re learning has been a focus for us since the kids were little.  


Squiggly Line
Squiggly Line