rainbow words:

 free sight word printable

Learning sight words is one of the most important things that our kids can do as they become readers.

Rainbow Words — Free Sight Word Printable

The reason sight words are important is because these are words that students need to learn to read by sight.

Many sight words aren’t even words that can be sounded out, so most decoding strategies don’t work for them.

Kids just need to know them.And Rainbow Words can help.

Each week, my students focus on 4-5 different sight words. We practice them every day, and we search for them in guided reading books.

Rainbow Words requires students to write six different sight words in the bands of the rainbow, in either red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple.

The cool thing about this printable is that it is totally customizable–you can write whatever words you want on the lines next to the colors. And after you write them, you can make copies for the students.


Squiggly Line
Squiggly Line