summertime fun cards 2.0:

making the most of our summer

It’s been busy here this week, our first official week of summer, with me heading out of town for Type-A Parent Conference and my husband getting his knee fixed (finally!).

Summertime Fun Cards 2.0

Knowing how quickly the summer can disappear before our eyes, Summertime Fun Cards give us a chance to sit down, breathe, and plan some fun things to do before fall arrives.

I said, Okay, my friends, today’s our first day of summer! Before we head to the pool, let’s think about all of the things we love about summer.

We took turns calling out things like Camp in our back yard! Catch fireflies! Eat shrimp at the pool!

Owen was busy writing his own card that said Good Sun.  I asked him what it meant. He said, It means that I want some good time outside in summer sun.

I didn’t care that he kind of missed the point in writing down specific activities or that he missed some words that would help to clarify his idea.

Because research says that especially for the little guys–our emerging readers and writers–if they willingly write freely without prompting, that’s awesome and we should be happy. 


Squiggly Line
Squiggly Line