swim ribbon garland: 

what to do with summer swim ribbons

Our swim and dive season has been over now for two weeks, but we’ve done more post-season celebrating this year than ever before.

Swim and dive season comes and goes–just like that.  Fast and furious and then bam. Over.But this year, we decided to carry on the celebration a little longer by parading the awesome throughout our house.

It’s beautiful. And it’s simple, and it’s the story of the kids’ swim and dive season.

Swim Ribbon Garland–What to do with Summer Swim Ribbons

I do need to clarify something.

The Swim Ribbon Garland was not created to brag.It was not created to be competitive or bratty or nasty.

It was created to celebrate our kids’ accomplishments throughout the season and to remind them that hard work pays off.

To make the swim ribbon garland, we simply grabbed a large needle and some embroidery thread (the kind we use to make friendship bracelets). 


Squiggly Line
Squiggly Line