texting as a learning tool:

reading, spelling, composing

My kids think texting is so cool that they still argue over who gets to have our old, battery-free cell phones that don’t even turn on anymore.

They think it’s cool to answer my cell phone if they notice their dad or aunt or nanny or pap are calling, and they think it’s cool to unlock the screen, answer, mute, put on hold, and hang it up.

Texting as a Learning Tool–Reading, Spelling, Composing

My kids are not unique in their adoration of the cell phone. Kids everywhere love them.

 For years now, my kids have loved my phone for gaming, playing, buying time when needed.

But only recently have I really tried to steer them in a different direction–trying to teach them how to use the phone while texting in a safe and controlled way.

I’ll ask something like: Hey Owen, would you please text Daddy a quick ‘have a good day’ message? You decide what it should be.

  It’s not easy to take someone’s general idea and make it into a comprehensive message; that’s a skill that takes practice.


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