the kid who would be king:

review & free printables

Looking for a fun family movie this weekend? We found a great one for you: The Kid Who Would Be King.And I’ve got some cool printable quotes notes—and mini posters!—for you, too!

The review—5 quick reasons you’ll love the movie:

1.) The movie’s story is great.

It’s action-packed and a new twist on an old tale. But it’s familiar enough that everyone’s super engaged.

I mean, doesn’t everyone secretly wish that they’d run across the Sword in the Stone or a letter from Hogwarts, or a Golden Ticket?

2.) The lessons in this movie are important.

Strong messages prevail throughout the movie about the importance of standing up for friends, about honesty and integrity, about kindness, and the strength we have when we work together.

3.) The actors rock.

Other than Sir Patrick Stewart—whom you totally know from Star Trek, The Family Guy, tons of voices in movies, and Excalibur, among a zillion other roles in productions.

We loved the young Merlin, played by Angus Imre. His energy and comfort on-screen was remarkable, and we loved his super-cool hand magic.


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