time to rhyme–go fish!

The ‘Go Fish’ format works well with anything, so all I did was crank out some easy, short vowel rhyme cards for this simple game.

Rhyme Time Go Fish:

These game contains rhyming words with all of the short vowel sounds. There’s at least two or four rhyming words from the -at, -an, -ot, -op, -og, -en, -et, -ug, -ut, -it, and -in families.

The game is verrry simple.

And of course most of the words were way too easy for her. But some of them she had to think about, and that was my goal–to just get her a little more familiar.

More confident–with all of the short vowel sounds before she’s introduced to some of the long vowel patterns.

We turned all of the cards face down in a pile in the middle, and we each picked six cards.

We put down all of our rhyming pairs, face up in front of us. Then we picked up more cards if we needed to so that we each started the game with six cards in our hand.

And the person who has the most pairs at the end wins–as long as she’s able to read all of the words.

Looking back, sure, I could have focused entirely on one or two sounds, maybe contrasting a sound she’s totally got with one that she’s just learning.


Squiggly Line
Squiggly Line